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Power of Connecting

"The time spent with other leaders like me opened my eyes to a new world.  It enabled me to see how God is at work so powerfully in other peoples' lives."

- an Asian Access pastor


"I learned that disciple-making is life-on-life relationships and modeling Christ."

- a participant from Mongolia


"I enjoyed the systematic focus, being more purposeful and effective in discipleship, but God also spoke to my heart that relationship is even more important."

- an Asian Access participant

Our Participants

From time to time, as is appropriate, we will highlight some of our participants and tell their stories. Due to security issues, we must be very careful about publishing exactly who the Asian Access participants are. Even so, we can describe typical participants in general terms.

Who Are These Participants?

Leaders with Potential . . . not Potential Leaders

Asian Access participants are screened and selected by a group of senior leaders and advisors. They are selected generally according to the following criteria:

  • They must be leaders of exemplary Christian character and solid biblical convictions.
  • They must subscribe to a theology that is consistent with evangelical faith.
  • They must be pastors of local churches and/or serve as leaders of teams of pastors that are starting and leading new churches.
  • They are leaders who have established a strong early track record that demonstrates that they have potential for growth that is significantly above the norm. We are focused on "leaders with potential" rather than on "potential leaders."
  • They are innovators. Asian Access is committed to selecting leaders who would be identified as curious leaders inclined to adopt and adapt new ideas.

  • The leaders selected will be people who have an expanding sphere of influence.

In each country, these definitions will be adapted to the realities of the church context. In the strict sense of the word, they may not be identified as a "pastor" but they would be the acknowledged leader of a group.

The Program's Impact on Participants

Vision Paradigm Shifts








LEADERS WHO WERE Isolated . . .
...ARE NOW Connected
CONSTRAINED BY Hierarchy . . .
...LIVING IN Community
Mega-Church Vision

Multi-Church Vision

Vision for Personal Growth
Vision for Reproduction

Narrow Vision


Broad Vision


More Information...

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