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Asian Access Life Ministries' Conflict of Interest Policy for Board Members, Officers and Employees


1. Reason for Statement:

Asian Access, as a ministry initiated and sustained by God, has a mandate to conduct all of its affairs decently and above reproach both in the sight of God and man. That accountability includes a commitment to operate with the highest level of integrity and to avoid conflicts of interest. This duty is underscored by Standard 6 of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Between Asian Access and its Board, officers and employees, there exists a fiduciary duty that carries with it a requirement of loyalty and fidelity. It is the responsibility of each Board member, officer and employee to render such service to Asian Access honestly and prudently, exercising their care, skill and judgment for the benefit of the organization.

Conflicts of interest may arise when one party can significantly influence the management or operating policies of the other, to the extent that one party might be prevented from fully pursuing the interests of Asian Access rather than his/her own separate or related party interests.
Possible conflicts of interest can best be handled through full disclosure of any such interest, together with abstention from any decision involving participation by the organization.


2. Persons Concerned:

This statement is directed to directors, officers and to all employees.


3. Resolution:

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED: That the following policy of conflicts of interest is now adopted:
A. Any possible conflict of interest by a director, officer or employee shall be fully and promptly disclosed by that individual to the President, and made a matter of record. Disclosure shall be made any time when such interest could affect the activities, property, employees or services of Asian Access, or any matter potentially requiring action by that individual on behalf of the organization.
B. Any director, officer or employee having a possible conflict of interest on any matter shall not use his/her personal influence on any such matter. A document setting forth such abstention shall be kept with the files of Asian Access.
C. In their dealings with Asian Access, directors, officers and employees must be ever mindful of potential conflicts of interest. Before entering into transactions presenting such problems, they shall be expected to disclose to the President the interest that may produce the conflict. The President shall decide whether the contemplated transaction so disclosed is just, fair, and reasonable as to Asian Access. If decided affirmatively, the President shall authorize the transaction in the best interests of Asian Access.
D. In the event that the President has a possible conflict of interest on a matter submitted to him pursuant to this policy the matter shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That any new board member, officer or employee shall be advised of the policy upon entering the duties of his/her office and shall be required to subscribe thereto. The signed policy shall be kept in the Human Resources Department.


4. Reminder of Duty

Distribution of this statement does not imply a lack of confidence in the recipients. Rather, the statement is to serve as a reminder of their duty to reveal any conflict problems in advance and of the high fiduciary standards which must guide all those related to the operations of Asian Access to protect and further the reputation of Asian Access and ultimately Jesus Christ.