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Thilini De Visser


Serving in Asia as
Program Coordinator,
Pan Asia Leader Development

Bio: Thilini De Visser

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thilini de visserThilini De Visser was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Thilini was exposed to the world of ministry through her parents involvement as founding pastors of an indigenous church in Sri Lanka. She was also introduced to the global mission field in her early years through Asian Access. Thilini always felt called by God to work among young Christian leaders in Asia. She received her Bachelors in Psychology at Biola University in California, and went on to work at the global engagement department at a mega church in Southern California. She then returned to Sri Lanka and led the Youth work at Kithu Sevana Ministries. She has also been involved in youth leader development work in Cambodia, a country that has become very dear to her heart. Thilini is currently based in Sri Lanka.  

Ministry Assignment

Thilini serves as the PALD Program Coordinator. PALD is Asian Access’ new initiative called the Pan Asia Leader Development program which was launched in April 2018. 

What would you suggest for people who sense God may be calling them into ministry?

In a broken and rapidly decaying world, God has ordained His people to be the light and the solution. That means you and I are Gods method. And making ourselves available to be that method may mean that we will have to step outside of our comfort zone. It might mean many personal and temporal sacrifices. But to respond to His call and to be within His will is far greater than any sacrifice we can possibly make. To realize that we can only fulfill that calling through complete reliance on Him and His wisdom is comforting and humbling.

What are some ministry methods or activities you find especially meaningful?

  • Ministry should only be an overflow of a deep and personal relationship with Christ. Without a deep connection with the one who has called, we cannot fulfill our calling joyfully.
  • Ministry must be intentional and personal. In order to reach the masses, we must be approachable to the few. 

devisser family 1990s 300px sqWhat have been some especially meaningful aspects of your ministry, or some especially fun memories?

I knew of Asian Access since I was around 9 years of age. Asian Access has always been a huge part of my life and in many ways shaped my desire to serve in Asia. But, I had never imagined working with Asian Access. I am amazed at how it has all come full circle. 

What are some important lessons you've learned as you have served in ministry?

It’s not about what I bring to the table, It’s about how willing I am to be used by God and how faithful I am to Him.

When you’ve recognized the calling on your life, protect it, fight for it and stay true to it with all your heart. There will be decisive moments in life that will tempt you to compromise your calling. Guard it with all your heart, no matter the cost.  

What would you like some of your greatest “ultimate contributions” to be?

In a context where women in leadership, more specifically women in Christian leadership are few and far between, my prayer is that we will be able to provide a greater platform for women to be in positions of Christian leadership in Asia. Not because we simply need female representation, but because there are incredible female leaders whose voices need to be heard and because their capacity will enrich the Christian atmosphere in Asia.



adrian screengrab 600pxDear Friends, the collective wisdom from the Asian Access family in light of our current global crisis is such a treasure. As they come in, I’d like to share them with you so that you can sense their heart and the insight they have for those of us in the global body of Christ. Just like our series Eastern Voices, these voices are golden in our day and age. I trust you’ll take a moment to watch/read these words from my colleague, Adrian De Visser, from Sri Lanka. He has an important message to share...

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 Younger leaders are being equipped for the changing Church

A2 PALD 1.1 Apr25 2018 24 jjPan Asia (MNN) — Asian Access is expanding its leadership training program with plans to the launch its fresh “Pan Asia Leader Development Program”. The new program helps develop younger leaders in a context that will help them best serve their churches and countries. “Pan Asia is unique in that the cohort will be formed by participants from different countries, representing different countries and cultures. For an example, we will have two participants from Japan and [two participants from] other Asian countries, and we create one cohort,” Asian Access’ Thilini De Visser shares...

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 Asian Access Launches New “Pan Asia Leader Development” Program in April 2018

A2 PALD 1.1 Apr23 2018 14 jjPan Asia (A2) — Asian Access is trying to innovate again. This new pilot program builds upon the A2 Leader Development model in that it creates a learning community of a just few key leaders. It provides a transformative, two-year process, just as our core program does. It's an R&D effort based upon our proven model, but with some significant differences...

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Why A2?

Why am I serving with Asian Access?

Because God has given me a heart for Asia. And because seeing untapped potential sprout and seeing young emerging leaders connect their potential to their God given purpose gives me deep joy. My personal vision and mission aligns with Asian Access and I believe it provides me a great opportunity to respond to Gods calling on my life.

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