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Eric & Sue Takamoto


Eric & Sue Takamoto

Owen, Annie, Olivia and Ian


Serving as Missional Partners
in Ishinomaki, Japan

Bio: Eric & Sue Takamoto

Background Info:

We met at Fuller Seminary, sharing a common interest in Japan and missions. We were married in 1997 and continued moving forward toward our goal of serving overseas. Eric finished his Master of Divinity at Fuller, and then taught for two years at a charter school for troubled teens in southern California.  Sue continued working on her degree, and served in Asian Access' U.S. office in staff development and human resources. Sue is from New Jersey and previously spent 3 years in Japan prior to getting married. Eric is from Hawaii and has done ministry in Brazil with a Japanese congregation.

Ministry Assignment:

Our hearts are committed to building significant relationships in the community of Ishinomaki through investing our talents, gifts, and lives. We hope to to see the residents here come to know and worship our Savior. We moved up to Ishinomaki in March 2012, one year after Japan's horrific triple disaster. And through Be One Network, we launched Nozomi Project—which helps to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Here is more about Nozomi Project:

Our children Owen, Annie, and Olivia, as well as our little Maltese Molly, have helped us in great ways to build relationships!

Before moving to Ishinomaki, we worked in Sanda, Japan. (Sanda is about 40 minutes from Osaka and Kobe). We served as Area Leaders in the Kansai Church Planting Network.

Prior to moving to Sanda in July 2004, we spent two years in Sendai, Japan at Sendai L'Abri Bible Church. Eric learned a lot about the church's outreach to children, and both of us learned about discipleship in Japan through a great program at our church there. 

Words of wisdom...

Pray expectantly, knowing that God delights in making our paths clear. He will not (usually) unfold the whole plan, but will always give you enough light to make the next step. 

When you're in Japan, be sure to...

Go to an outside hotspring!

What we've learned here...

We love to be creative in doing ministry. We’ve used our hobbies (old ones and new ones!) to build relationships – bonsai, cloth-dying, even practical jokes! It's great that God takes who we are and wants to use us to do His work. 

Funniest story of life in Japan...

I (Sue) was at a farewell party in a church in Japan after I had spent a summer there. I was giving a farewell speech, being translated for the church by a proficient translator. The pastor and his wife had a darling 5 year old son (I was single at the time). I said in English, "I don't care how many years I have to wait, it's worth it to me if I can marry the Satos' son."

The translator translated. The pastor, his wife, and the congregation, were silent, and slowly turning green. So I repeated the sentence. The translator translated it again, hesitantly, looking at me to clarify. That time I caught what he said in Japanese: "I don't care how many years I have to wait, it's worth it to me if I can marry Sato - san." (San is the Japanese word for "Mr"). Needless to say, we all turned red, and laughed a lot after that!

Wonderful ministry memories

We love loving the Japanese people. There's no greater joy to us. They are warm, and open, and often difficult to understand—but the blessings are way beyond any others that we know.


Why did we move to Ishinomaki?

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by Eric Takamoto

Our team made this brief video clip on March 26 (15 days after the tsunami) during our trip to Ishinomaki, Japan . . . probably the hardest hit area.

Join us in prayer for all the survivors of the tsunami.

Please don't forget.




Editor's Note: Sue Takamoto's husband, Eric and two other Asian Access missionaries Peter Thomson and Kent Muhling have gone up to the Sendai area to bring supplies and assess the situation. This is one of the earlier updates posted by Sue on March 21.


I wanted to make a few quick posts for those of you who check and pray.  I’ve talked with Eric a few times today.  One disclaimer – I am trying to get the facts straight but they come via cell phone and often many hours before I post, so if there are occasional errors I apologize.  And I’ll try and correct them later if I find out!  Also, we are fine with anyone reposting this information to share what is going on.

Today Eric and his team headed...

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Loading the rental truck with relief supplies.by Sue Takamoto




Thank you for the outpouring of love and concern for our family during this past week. First, be assured that we are all fine. All of our Asian Access family are safe from harm. We have received word that all members of our Sendai church, as well, are safe, though our dear friend Kazue lost her home in the Arahama tsunami. (Perhaps you saw some pictures of this town on the news.)



The past seven days have been some of the most intense that we...

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A2 Advent Devotional • December 13, 2010

by Sue Plumb Takamoto

Christmas in Japan is one of the busiest times of year for Asian Access missionaries. It is the season when Japanese are the most open to hearing the Gospel because of their interest in Christmas and its origin.

Several years ago I began praying with a Japanese Christian friend about teaching a special Christmas English Bible study and craft class for non-Christian women in our community. We were excited as fifteen ladies came to the four weeks of study. We made snowmen out of baby socks, cloth wreaths, and read and studied about the first-ever real Christmas.

The second week we read Luke 2:1–7: Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem because of the census . . . Mary needing to deliver a baby . . . and no room in any hotels, so they delivered the baby in a manger. A story most of us have heard so many times.

Near the end of the study that morning, the ladies shared with a partner what they’ve learned. As I walked around the room, I noticed my neighbor friend Naomi had tears in her eyes. She shared with her partner and me that she had always had an image of God as a tyrant, who tells people to go here or go there, to go to heaven or hell. Hearing this story, she was so touched to realize that her image of God was wrong. That God became human just like us . . . with an incredibly normal birth . . . that Jesus actually was a little baby, born in a dirty stable. She said, "this changes everything I thought about God."

God became like us, and knows all about the ins and outs of daily life. This is the beauty of the incarnation, isn’t it? Our favorite ministry verse is John 1:14: "The Word became flesh, and moved into the neighborhood." Hallelujah for a Savior born as a baby who knows what it’s like to move into this world, with all of its challenges, joys, and sorrows. He understands the ins and outs of friendship, rejection, stressors, family challenges. He abides with us through these things. Hallelujah for such always-ness and constant, steadfast love.

Madeline L’Engle writes:


"I will have nothing to do with a God who cares only occasionally. I need a God who is with us always, everywhere, in the deepest depths as well as the highest heights. It is when things go wrong, when good things do not happen, when our prayers seem to have been lost, that God is most present."


The Incarnation is a celebration of this reality—the presence of God coming to us. And staying with us through thick and thin. As Naomi and these ladies have been finding out, and as you and I know—truly, knowing the Incarnate Jesus changes everything.

Sue's blog headshot

Sue Plumb Takamoto
Church Multiplication Missionary
Ishinomaki, Japan



  • Today is Eric & Sue Takamoto's wedding anniversary.
  • You can read Sue's blog:  The Takameter
  • This is one of 29 devotional entries. If you would like to download a PDF of the entire A2 Advent Devotional to read along with us, click here...

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Why A2?

Why are we serving with Asian Access?

We were attracted initially with Asian Access' "cutting edge" ministries -- seeking to be relevant in a very up-to-date culture, while always seeking to clearly communicate the wonderful message of the Gospel.

We love the emphasis on people development -- much less concerned with numbers than with providing the right tools for where people are. The past 5 years we've seen great growth in this area, and pray that we continue to listen to God and move forward in this direction.

Finally, we love the people with Asian Access. They're fun; they have a passion for God and for the Japanese people and for ministry; they are all unique and wonderful.

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