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  • The Second Year

    Two Years Later...

    It has been two years since the March 11th disaster in Japan. Reconstruction is progressing in Tohoku, but there is still much work to do.

    Garrett Inouye, an A2 missionary, helped to put this video together to give an update about what is going on in Miyagi Prefecture. We trust this clip will compel you continue to pray for the...

  • $1M match met!

    Thank you for helping us match the $1 million challenge for Japan. By November 1, the deadline for the matching grant, you helped us not only match the goal—you went above and beyond. We're still calculating all the funds to know exactly where we stand, but we now know that we've exceeded the match. We are so grateful for God's provision.


  • Match offer expires November 1st - There's still time to double your gift

    2 A2-Jpn Disaster-Relief Report-Sep2012-p2-5b1-5dDear Friend,

    Thank you for your prayers and support for the ongoing work of Asian Access and the response toward tsunami relief in Japan the past 18 months. To show you what support from people like you has accomplished, we have posted a report online, which you can view here.

    In addition, I wanted to remind you that Asian Access has until...

  • Effects of Japan tsunami still spreading

    Tsunami impacting hearts, Japan, now North America

    Effects of Japan tsunami still spreadingJAPAN (MNN) ―The effects of the 2011 Japan tsunami and earthquake are even more widespread now than they were 14 months ago.

    Reminders of that fateful day remain for miles in Japan, deeply embedded in the hearts of survivors, and stretching as far as another continent.

    Debris has been...

  • Eric Takamoto shares his heart for Ishinomaki

    Ishinomaki is one of the hardest-hit areas in Japan's disaster zone. Within days of the tsunami, A2 missionary Eric Takamoto began making regular relief trips up from Sanda (near Kobe). Listen to him share about his first few trips there and why he and his wife Sue have just decided to move their...

  • Reflections from Japan's Disaster

    Reflections from Japan's DisasterOn the First Anniversary

    We’ve compiled a series of reflections on Japan's triple disaster on March 11, 2011--the Earthquake, the Tsunami and the Nuclear Crisis in the Tohoku region--on the occasion of its one year anniversary.

    Interactive Reflections:http://www.asianaccess.org/reflections

    This monumental disaster has deeply impacted the...

  • Thank you for investing in Japan!

    I want to deeply thank everyone who has donated to Asian Access' disaster relief efforts in Japan. Please take a minute to watch my brief video thank-you.

    Great News!

    As we approach the first anniversary of the Japan disaster, I have great news! Asian Access has just received another $1 million matching gift opportunity...

  • Asian Access Receives $1M Matching Opportunity

    Asian Access Receives $1M Matching OpportunityHelp us match $1,000,000 to bring hope to Japan, as they rebuild:

    As we near the first anniversary of Japan's March 11 Triple Disaster, Asian Access has just received a $US 1,000,000 matching opportunity to bring hope and healing to the country.

    While we were devastated by the horrific disaster that hit the country nearly a year ago and have...

  • A Child Shall Lead Them

    A few weeks ago, as I was calling several churches who gave to Japan's special tsunami relief efforts, one church shared a powerful story. This church's attendance averages around 125 people, yet they ended up being one of the top ten giving churches in America helping us match the $1,000,000 challenge to bring both spiritual and physical hope to...

  • A Progress Update on Japan Disaster Relief

    What’s been happening 9 months after March 11

    By Takeshi Takazawa 

    A Progress Update on Japan Disaster ReliefEvacuation Sites Closed

    For better or for worse, government-registered evacuation sites have now all been closed in northeast Japan. Out of the 330,00 former residents, over 75% moved to temporary housing; the rest had to move in with friends or relatives or completely...

  • Japan Relief featured on the Frank Pastore Show

    Pastors to share about Japan and Asian Access

    On Wednesday, December 14, two pastors in Southern California will be interviewed on The Frank Pastore radio show in Los Angeles  in order to highlight ongoing relief efforts in Japan. The Frank Pastore Show is aired live from 4:00-7:00 PM (PST) on KKLA 99.5FM, as well as live on the internet.

    Pastor Cliff Asai of Westlight Church


  • 3 Waves 3 Walls: Reflections following Japan's Triple Disaster

    And the walls came a tumblin' down!
    3 Waves 3 Walls: Reflections following Japan's Triple Disaster

    The last few months I've been listening carefully to pastors from Japan share their reflections post 3/11/11. Their learning is profound because their reflections are deep.

    As you know, Japan was hit by a triple disaster on March 11, 2011 with three distinct waves:

    1. The 9.0 earthquake which did relatively little
    2. ...
  • Japanese church seeks help with rebuilding plans

    Japanese church seeks help with rebuilding plans

    The Daily Herald, a Chicago suburb newspaper covered one of Pastor Sato's "Exodus Church" presentations. Here's an excerpt from Deborah Donovan's informative article "Japanese church seeks help with rebuilding plans" . . .

    "It was very difficult to get food for the 70 people at once. We had no gas. The mountain road was

  • Christian Post story on Pastor Sato's 'Exodus Church' presentation

    Pastor Akira Sato and Chieko SatoPastor Akira Sato of Fukushima First Bible Baptist Church recently shared his congregation's collective experience with several audiences in Southern California and Chicago. The presentation was called "Exodus Church," because his entire congregation was forced to evacuate as a result of the Fukushima nuclear power plant damaged by the...

  • Exodus from Japan's Ground Zero

    Pastor Sato heads to the U.S. to personally share about Fukushima First Bible Baptist Church's experience following the nuclear disaster in Japan!

    Exodus from Japan's Ground Zero

    Meet Akira Sato, Senior Pastor of Fukushima First Bible Baptist Church—located just a few miles from Japan’s failed nuclear reactor site. His town evacuated. His congregation displaced. And...

  • He Reigns Over All The Earth . . . even Japan

    Chris Hunter

    Asian Access announces a song to benefit Japan Tsunami Relief

    C.L. Hunter, CEO of "Christ Hu Nterz Productions" (pronounced "Christ Who Enters") recently approached Asian Access to partner with him in promoting a great new song by Fahren Johnson, "He Reigns Over All the Earth."

    Hunter shared with us:

  • Japan breathes sigh of relief with Typhoon Roke's near miss

    Typhoon Roke took a swipe at the disaster zone in Japan

    washed out road (photo courtesy Jeff Johnston)  

    JAPAN (MNN) ― It also brought evacuations, flooding and more worry to the country struggling to recuperate from the tsunami, quake and nuclear disaster in March. Although a fierce storm, it weakened on approach to Fukushima as a Category 1 hurricane, before veering off....

  • Grandma, Jesus is here... Jesus has brought us food

    Shortly following March 11th's Triple Disaster in Japan, Steve Moore from The Mission Exchange called this "Japan's Hour" in a special webinar entitled Global Status of Japan Disaster where Asian Access was interviewed in light of the horrific tragedy impacting the country.  Surely enough, this moment is proving to be...

  • Tsunami Update: Asian Access Provides Relief in Japan

    Boots used by volunteers to help clean out the mud from homes in the Tsunami stricken areas of northern Japan.Thank you so much for the prayers and support for Japan following the March 11 triple disaster. Below is a brief report sharing what Asian Access has had the privilege of participating in due to your contributions, prayers and service teams.

    PHASE ONE: The last few months (Much of this in partnership with several churches and ministries)

    1) Helped deliver over 30 tons  of relief supplies— food, diapers, hygiene products, soap, toilet paper, bicycles, clothing, blankets, water and bedding. [Our staff purchased and delivered more than 2 tons of supplies the first week after the disaster alone.];  2) Even larger amounts  of...

  • An oasis from the storm

    Several weeks ago, I was introduced to Thomas Kim from Churches Helping Churches. From the moment we met, we knew there would be great synergy and collaboration. Why? Because we share the same ideas about ministry. We are both committed to coming alongside of pastors and churches in the midst of the chaos they face following a disaster; which in this instance is the triple disaster that hit Japan on March 11th, one of the worst disasters in world history...

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