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  • Asian Access helps Filipino believers in Rai aftermath

    Header image depicts Super Typhoon Rai on December 17, 2021. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Philippines (MNN) — Super Typhoon Rai, known locally as Odette, claimed over 375 lives in the Philippines this weekend, and the death toll keeps rising. More details emerge as parts of the archipelago restore communication.

  • Developing Leaders under Persecution and Pandemic

    crisismatch ask may2021 800x200 a2

    As bad as the COVID pandemic was in India which I wrote about just a few months ago, it is now more than twice that bad in another Asian country based on the number of deaths per capita. And COVID deaths are thought to be drastically undercounted, so the situation is actually much worse.

    What is causing the surge there? And what does this have to do with Asian Access?

  • Developing Leaders During A Crisis

    crisismatch ask may2021 800x200 a2

    Every dollar given will be matched!

    Asian Access has a matching challenge grant to help build kingdom leaders across Asia in spite of the various crises they face.

    • In the midst of this pandemic, we have seen some COVID relief funds come in, but our primary work is equipping leaders to serve well.
    • As COVID rages across Asia, will you help us help them? As you have heard in the news, India has been hit particularly hard. Your gift will help Pastors and Christian leaders serve well in the midst of the crisis.
  • Lessons on Brokenness & Business

    sue plumb takamoto 2021

    Reflecting on the Ten Years since Japan's Triple Disaster

    By Sue Plumb Takamoto

    PART 2

    In Part 1: "Looking Back on Ten Years: Finding Beauty in Brokenness", I highlighted the unimaginable damage and challenging aftermath from Japan’s March 11, 2011 Triple Disaster—a 9.0 earthquake that triggered a tsunami and caused a nuclear power plant meltdown.

  • Looking Back on Ten Years: Finding Beauty in Brokenness


    Reflections on the 10-Year Remembrance of Japan’s Triple Disaster

    By Sue Plumb Takamoto

    PART 1

    There is beauty in brokenness. This is a message that we all need to hear right now.

  • Groundbreaking shifts resulting from Japan's Triple Disaster

    Rev. Yoshiya Hari


    Translated by Mary Jo Wilson

    Q: What are some of your initial thoughts as we stand at the ten-year mark since the Triple Disasters hit Northeastern Japan?

    Well, my first thought is that it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. The time has gone so fast. From this vantage point, it’s clear what a huge turning point it was, both in my life and in the life of my church, and I could say even in the life of the church across Japan and for Asian Access Japan. It’s been a huge turning point.

  • Learning to Be Good News


    Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

    By Kent Muhling

    As the ten-year commemoration of the March 11 disaster approaches, many of us think back to our experience of that day and the days that followed. I am reminded of some of the lessons I learned then, lessons that continue to shape our ministry today.

  • Remembering 3.11 and the Gospel of Hope


    Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

    By Dan & Casi Brown

    We all have triggers in our lives. These triggers could be an event, a word, a certain place, or circumstance. For many in Tohoku, earthquakes are a trigger. On February 13th, almost 10 years to the date from the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan, we experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, labeled an aftershock of that disastrous event. This aftershock was a trigger for many in our community in which we live.

  • Transformation Through Tragedy

    Eric Takamoto & Kent Muhling unloading boxes in disaster zone

    Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

    By Eric Takamoto

    So many of the images and memories from the triple disaster are as vivid today as when I experienced them ten years ago. I realize in reflecting on those experiences that they have changed me forever.

  • Global Disaster Relief Fund

    globalrelieffund 800x450a

    Bringing compassion to those experiencing disaster...

    From volcanic eruptions in Indonesia to flooding in Bangladesh to earthquakes in Nepal to typhoons in Cambodia and tsunamis in Japan, there are many needs. This is a collective fund that directs aid to areas of greatest need.

  • COVID Relief Fund

    COVID 19 fund 800x200px

    Bringing compassion to leaders facing COVID challenges...

    In the midst of this pandemic, we have seen some COVID relief funds come in. Even though our primary work is equipping leaders to serve well, we strive to help pastors and leaders move beyond the obstacles brought on by the coronavirus. So we channel these funds to the leaders who most desperately need them, freeing them up to eventually reach out effectively to their communities.

  • Nozomi Project founder reflects at 9th anniversary of disaster

    joe interviews sueSue Takamoto shares the story in an interview with Joe Handley

    Nozomi Project started in 2012 as a response to Japan's terrible tsunami in 2011. And through this creative ministry, God is making something beautiful in brokenness. Sue Takamoto of Asian Access, through Be One Network, launched Nozomi Project (or "Hope" Project) to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Using broken shards of ceramic pottery, these workers create beautiful pieces of jewelry—not only as a way to make sustainable income, but more importantly to put their lives back together. The waves ruthlessly took away their loved ones, their homes and their hope; Nozomi Project is gracefully helping these women put the pieces back together... {addthis off}

  • Beauty in Brokenness in Cambodia

    nozomi project 1Nozomi Project Vision Expands

    by Rebecca Gutknecht

    Hope. It was needed after Japan’s triple disaster in March 2011, the combination of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant meltdown. The people in the damaged areas were in shock and despair. Brokenness was everywhere. Hope emerged, initially from those who helped. The Japanese Church gave supplies, care, and empathy. People also came from around the world to provide support and comfort for those left in disaster’s wake. Many organizations responded, including Asian Access. After initial relief efforts were underway, it became clear that economic hope was needed for long-term recovery. The Japanese word nozomi (のぞみ) means “hope”, and, at just the right time, the Nozomi Project was born. Sue Takamoto, pioneer... {addthis off}

  • Give toward Nozomi Project

    nozomi project 1

    Beauty in Brokenness: Nozomi Project Vision Expands

    Rising out of Japan’s triple disaster in March 2011, Nozomi Project has sought to bring economic recovery to Japanese people living in the disaster zone. Nozomi (のぞみ) means “hope” in Japanese. Nozomi Project now has vision to expand its reach to Cambodia. Read more to find out...

  • Are relief funds getting to the people in Nepal?

    imageIn an article entitled "Nepal Earthquake 2015 - Petition to Transparency International, CIAA Nepal and United Nations," Sanju Lama levies pretty harsh allegations of corruption in Nepal that have kept relief funds and supplies from the quake victims. Following the initial devastating 7.8 magnitude...

  • Historic flooding hits Eastern Japan in the wake of Tropical Storm 18

    (Screen capture courtesy TV Tokyo)Japan (MNN) -- Japan is coping with a one-two Tropical Storm punch. On the heels of a record heatwave came Typhoon Goni. A couple of weeks later, it was Tropical Storm 18, or Etau. The resulting floods triggered landslides, but they also triggered bad memories, says Asian Access Asia Director of Development, Sterling Miller“More traumatically, f...

  • Takeshi Takazawa's Progress Update at the 3rd Anniversary

    Takeshi TakazawaThree years after a devastating earthquake/tsunami, hope remains. At the three-year mark of the Great NE Japan Disaster, listen to Takeshi Takazawa share a progress update and some stories of hope...

  • Hope remains in disaster zones

    Hope remains in disaster zonesJapan (MNN) — It’s been three years since a devastating tsunami and corresponding nuclear crisis hit northern Japan. Survivors are still struggling today, but Takeshi Takazawa of Asian Access (A2) says hope remains.

    “We have seen many, many people becoming Christians. They have seen the tangible love, and they’re responding to...

  • Third anniversary of The Great NE Japan Disaster

    Pastor Akira and Chieko SatoToday marks the 3rd Anniversary of Great NE Japan Disaster

    It’s been three arduous years since the triple disaster of 3.11.11. Here are several sign posts from Asian Access on the road following this horrific experience, ranging from reports to reflections...

  • 30 New Followers of Jesus... and an IMPOSSIBLE Vision for Japan!

    Pastor Keishi IkedaYesterday I heard a report that simply blew me away…

    As I was traveling with Pastor Keishi Ikeda from Hongodai Christ Church in Yokohama, he shared with me two powerful stories...

    Occhako House

    Since the inception of a tea house "Ochakko House," started by his church in Ishinomaki after the triple disaster of March 11, 2011, 30 people have come to know Christ as their savior. Two of them were baptized this past fall...




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