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  • The World Is Changing Fast. Are You Ready For A Seismic Shift in the Way You Lead?

    Polycentric Mission Leadership

    Toward A New Model for Global Leadership

    The world went through some monumental shifts during my tenure in mission leadership. While many had been talking about partnership and collaboration, as well as paternalism and colonialism for many years, it was during early in my 30 years of ministry that major changes were burgeoning in many ways. Of course, the last few years this has accelerated on many fronts making these issues of critical importance.

  • Mission Visionary’s New Book Calls For Global ‘Leadership Shake-Up’

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    September 1, 2022

    Stephen Reed @ 843-964-9339
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    Mission Visionary’s New Book Calls For Global ‘Leadership Shake-Up’

    Asian Access’ Handley spotlights ‘polycentric,’ inclusive leadership model for missions, nonprofits, businesses

    ARTESIA, Calif. — A California-based mission leader with a vision to shake up the way Christian mission agencies, churches and businesses create their leadership strategies has released a new book on the topic.

  • Polycentrism as the New Leadership Paradigm

    image courtesy Lausanne Global Analysis 


    By Joseph W. Handley, Jr.

    Polycentric—Why? And, what’s that?1

    As the world grapples with ongoing tensions, polarities, and ever-growing challenges, I am convinced that we need a new approach to leadership. It was this concern that compelled me to study global leadership and see if another form of leadership could prove pivotal to the world in which we lead for this era of God’s mission.

  • A Leadership Model for a Polarized World

    Polycentric Leadership header by Outcomes magazine

    Polycentric Leadership: a leadership model for a polarized world 

    The past thirteen months have been one of the most disruptive seasons in my lifetime. A global pandemic, one of the worst economies of the century, and a divisive political environment were all contributors. We have faced lock downs, loss of incomes and jobs, and the disease itself—as we still do at this time.

  • What is Polycentric Leadership?

    PCL favicon cropped 1Polycentric Leadership: a New Theory for Global Leadership 

    As our world struggles with tensions, polarities, and what feel like perpetual challenges, I am convinced that we need a new approach to leadership. This conviction compelled me to study global leadership to see if a new type of leadership might better fit current realities. My reviews of a variety of leadership models brought Polycentrism to my attention....

  • Leading Mission Movements

    A2 core network cloud 2018 detailOver the past eight years I have been researching various aspects of leadership to gain a deeper understanding of how to lead mission movements within the globalized ecosystem in which we now live. This article presents a new theory on polycentric leadership to help missional leaders...

  • Thoughts on Charisma

    charisma-chris-yang-ggugq7wDoBU-unsplash.jpgHow important is ‘charisma’ to leadership?

    I posed this particular question to two national leaders from different countries in South Asia recently. I want to share some of their reflections here. The first leader responded: "Joe...

  • Charismatic Trait

    charismatic wout vanacker l4HBYkURqvE unsplashCHARISMA includes a strong foundation and a strong set of core values. Charisma is more than just having charismatic personality. It involves strength of character, trustworthiness, and a faithful presence. Charisma is vital to effective...

  • Relational Trait

    relational duy pham Cecb0 8Hx o unsplashRELATIONSHIP—spending time with one another, getting to know one another, and going beyond just working together—is imperative. Leading well involves a depth of relationship that goes beyond...

  • Collaborative Trait

    collaborate 00329 00544COLLABORATION includes working together in a shared participative manner. Effective leaders must be collaborative in their approach, willing to work in team-centered paradigms where...

  • Communal Trait

    communal ben preater dP5i5X EyIw unsplashLeading through COMMUNITY is integral to polycentric leadership. In the fellowship and family-like atmosphere of serving together, leaders gain perspective and insight from one another and are better able to function through...

  • Entrepreneurial Trait

    entrepreneurial danielle macinnes IuLgi9PWETU unsplashSelf-governance and freedom are crucial for local teams to operate effectively. ENTREPRENEURIAL FREEDOM engenders effective leadership. This is especially true for successful startups that thrive in a culture of risk-taking, entrepreneurship...

  • Diverse Trait

    diverse nathan dumlao pMW4jzELQCw unsplashLeaders who value and recognize DIVERSITY are able to work across regions, networks, and cultures. The diversity of leadership gifts described in Ephesians 4 is paramount. For diversity to be fully employed within a...

  • Resources on Polycentric Leadership

    resources thumb j zamora GWOTvo3qq7U unsplash 300pxPolycentric Themes

    These resources are listed under the six themes of polycentric leadership.

    "In leadership, I believe that charisma without character is chaos. That's why...

  • A Big Vision for Japan:

    Vision Festa Church Multiplication Conference

    vision festa panelThe Church in Japan faces a crisis. And Japan’s pastors and church leaders are stepping up to face it head-on. The crisis? Unless the Church begins to grow immediately, it is possible that the Christian community in Japan will literally die out within 30 years. It’s stark evidence that illustrates how difficult it has been for the Gospel to impact the Japanese culture. The encouragement? Leaders in Japan are collaborating to explore new ways to plant and multiplying churches. In October, over 100 leaders from throughout Japan came together at VisionFesta...{addthis off}

  • Bio: Joseph W. Handley, Jr.

    Joe HandleyBiographical Profile: Joseph W. Handley, Jr., President,Tokyo, Japan

    Rev. Joseph W Handley, Jr., Ph.D. is currently president of Asian Access and serves ex-officio on the Board of Directors. Joe is a seasoned mission leader with over 30 years of global experience. Born and raised in Southern California, he received a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in theology from Azusa Pacific University. In 2020, he completed a Ph.D. in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Joe served nine years at Azusa Pacific University as the founding director of their Office of World Missions and director of one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses in Mexico City in 1996. In 1998 the Lord called him to Rolling Hills Covenant Church where he served as the Global Outreach Pastor and shortly thereafter as Associate Pastor for Outreach Ministries. In July of 2008, Joe answered God’s call becoming the fourth president of Asian Access, a developer of Christ-like leaders seeking to accelerate Christ-centered movements around the world...

  • Seventeen Essential Qualities of a Great Leader

    BuildingBlocks Leadership Scripture 464502576 500px part4Qualities of a Great Leader, Part 4: Seventeen Essential Qualities

    This is the final post of my 4-part series about great leaders that took me 36 years to write. Here is a summary of what I've shared: Six Foundational Qualities, Five Spiritual Qualities, Two Relational Qualities, and Seventeen Essential Leadership Qualities. Having studied leaders, it is clear to me that when God wants to get something done, He finds a person, but not just any person. He looks for a person with certain qualities.

    MY THESIS: Great leaders who achieve great things are characterised by certain...

  • Five Spiritual Qualities of a Great Leader

    BuildingBlocks Leadership Scripture 464502576 500px part2Qualities of a Great Leader, Part 2: Five Spiritual Qualities

    This is the second entry in a 4-part series about great leaders that took me 36 years to write. Here is the outline of the 30 leadership qualities I will cover: Six Foundational Qualities, Five Spiritual Qualities, Two Relational Qualities, and Seventeen Essential Leadership Qualities. As I shared in Part 1, when God wants to get something done, He finds a person, but not just any person. He looks for a person with certain qualities...

  • Bio: Joe & Silk Handley

    Background Information:

    joe and silk Fall2020 webJoe and Silk (Joseph and Vasilka) met during college at Azusa Pacific University. Everyone told Silk while she was growing up that she was destined to be a pastor’s or missionary’s wife. Joe grew up in a family with a few pastors and felt called to ministry during high school.

    During college, a mission trip cemented Joe’s call to a life of ministry and Silk ventured out on a short-term mission trip teaching English in Japan. Little did they know their destinies were being shaped for a life of mission.

    Not long after college graduation, they started dating and almost three years later they were married. During their wedding ceremony, they asked the minister to gather their families to lay hands on them and commission them into ministry.

    You can learn more about Joe's background here...

    As for Silk, she’s been a lifelong educator: either in the public-school systems in Azusa and Torrance, in private christian education in Turkey and Japan, or as a volunteer at schools, churches and various children’s and youth programs. She also served as a coordinator for counseling programs for a school district. Silk holds a BA in English literature and an MA in special education. 


    Rachel and Quan weddingJoe and Silk have three adult children. Rebecca is married to Lowell and is a social media manager and coordinator of writers. Rachel is married to Quan and is a visual journalist. John is moving to London and accepting a job as an analyst assessing media bias.

    Ministry Assignment

    Joe and Silk are honored to serve pivotal leaders, empowering them to catalyze Christ-centered movements around the world. Joe serves as the president and Silk is appreciated as an ambassador.

    Words of Wisdom

    When it comes to living and leading, nothing is more critical than our dependence on Christ:

    “In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.” – John 1:4

    Jesus is the most influential person in human history. When we give our lives to him, he brings steady, revolutionary change. Remember the exhortation in John 15:5 that as we “abide in Him, we will bear much fruit. Without him, we can do nothing!”

    As we remain in Jesus, our lives will change and we will see him change the world!

    Polycentric Leadership

    PCL logo color horizJoe's own study and dissertation on Polycentric Mission Leadership have given him deep insight into a new approach to leadership, one he believes is Trinitarian in nature. His dissertation was published in 2022 and Joe is a sought-after speaker to present his findings. Joe has adopted a polycentric leadership style at Asian Access. You can read real-life case studies and find out more about this concept at his website: https://polycentricleadership.com.



  • Polycentric Leadership