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  • Remembering Sareeta Thapa: A Person of True Kingdom Impact

    Sareeta Thapa

    A person of true Kingdom impact has left this earth for her heavenly reward.

  • The No-Name Ministry Trip

    no name brothers

    I just completed an exciting trip for Asian Access that I can’t tell you anything about.

  • Collaboration for Transformation: A Team Effort in Indonesia

    Phil group photo with Dr Anton 1200px

    Asian Access’ mission is to equip and unify visionary Christ-centered leaders to influence Spirit-led change. I just saw a great example of this value being put into action at the gathering of the Asian Access Indonesia First Class this May.

  • Breaking down national barriers is central to A2's DNA

    wrrecking ball brick 1030319742 700px

    Key Component to Asian Access' Ethos

    Asian Access is a multi-national ministry, currently active in 16 countries. What you might not be aware of is that the leaders in A2 are active among those 16 countries as well.

    It’s part of our ethos of breaking down barriers to build up the unity of the Church across Asia. 

  • Life and Ministry in the Midst of Pandemic and Persecution

    door john chen kXISESiJCC0 unsplash 640px

    Update from an Asian Access Leader 

    How have the national leaders of Asian Access responded in these unprecedented times of combined pandemic and persecution? How have they coped?  How are their own lives, and their own families, faring? 

  • Out of Calamity, Compassion—and a New Vision for Ministry

    A2 ND zoom call 800px“We are experiencing Forceful Sabbaths – time to slow down, be with our families, recalibrate the focus on our ministries. God is causing us to rethink how we can serve the people in our communities in new ways.” “We are seeing a shift in how we do church, how we minister to our congregation and others; this lockdown is causing us to connect in new and different ways.”  “There is a new spiritual hunger in our country, among nonbelievers as well as believers. In the midst of disaster and suffering, there are new opportunities for the Church to meet the spiritual needs of our people. How will we prepare to do that?” Last week, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began its swath across the world, Asian Access gathered its key national and regional leaders for a time of sharing and prayer together, via the Zoom communications technology. While we were not able to get every leader on the video call, we were blessed that over 90% of our leadership were able to join...

  • Asian Access looks to begin program in Indonesia

    Church leaders are asking for assistance

    cover photo (Header photo by Sander Wehkamp on Unsplash)Indonesia (MNN) – A major component for a healthy church is strong leadership. However, there are so many places around the world where church leaders lack access to leadership tools and training. That’s why Asian Access exists—to equip Christian leaders and to bring leaders together within a country so they can live as the Body of Christ. Noel Becchetti of Asian Access (A2) says it’s looking like an exciting new venture is ahead for Asian Access. Church leaders from Indonesia have invited A2 in to see if a leadership development program can be implemented there. They’ve held conversations for about a year now, and Becchetti and some colleagues recently visited some church leaders to assess the next steps...

  • Asian Access publishes Eastern Voices, Volume 1

    EV1 final title slide 2017 04 25 flat 700pxGroundbreaking book released May 1 platforms national leaders across Asia

    Asian Access is releasing a brand new series today called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words.

    Noel Becchetti, VP for Leader Development at Asian Access served as editor of the compilation of 14 stories from 15 different Asian authors. In his introduction, Becchetti writes:

    "It's time to hear the voices. The voices have actually...

  • Rays of Light, Matters for Prayer

    “Things have gotten better here.”

    tea break 500pxGiven where I am sitting as I hear these those words, this is no small statement. I’m writing from Dhaka, where I am attending a session for A2 Bangladesh’s third class. 15 pastors and parachurch leaders are deep into the fifth of what will be eight sessions together over a two-year period, ably led by a combination of foreign and in-country faculty. All in all, it is a very encouraging environment...

  • From Facilitation to Faculty:

    Asian Access National Leaders Take Charge

    bang A2 34 04 webAt Asian Access, our vision is to see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character, and competence leading the church across Asia. Nowhere is that vision being realized more than in Bangladesh. This Muslim-majority country has recently struggled with a sharp spike in terrorist violence, targeting Christian leaders as well as other innocent people. Pastors and Christian leaders in Bangladesh have faced down violent mobs, faux “seekers” who turn out to be assailants, and infiltrators trying to penetrate Christian student groups. These courageous brothers and sisters continue to minister, despite the risks...

  • Thailand: of bombings, change and hope

    Christians in Thailand consider chaos and Christ

    (Photo courtesy Asian Access)Thailand (MNN) — Security has been beefed up at all of Thailand’s tourist destinations in the wake of the 11 bomb attacks last Friday. Although tourist security is on high alert, many in Thailand are back to business as usual. Change is normal in the ‘Land of Smiles’. After all, Asian Access’ (A2) Noel Becchetti points out; the country has survived 36 coups in the last 50 years. Becchetti describes Thailand’s atmosphere as a complicated mix of politics, nationalism and sectarianism, and says any one theory right now about who is behind the attacks is pure speculation...

  • “Hanging with your buddies, trying to make a difference…what could be better than this?”

    Kyle and ladies from church 500An Asian Access service trip diary

    My wife Kyle and I recently got a rare treat: A chance to join some of our closest friends on an earthquake-repair service trip to Nepal through Asian Access. Six leaders from Community Covenant Church in El Cajon, California (our home church) met up with us last month in Kathmandu. There, we connected with our in-country Asian Access leaders for a week that combined hard physical labor in a rural village with up-close encounters with men, women, and children who are being touched by the love of Christ through our local leaders’...

  • The tough road of the tentmaker

    paul making tentTentmaking Ministry. Bi-Vocational Pastors. We’ve all heard these terms, and they sound so good. In countries where it is rare to find churches that can afford to support a full-time pastor, what is the answer? Why, self-supporting pastors, of course. Leaders earn their income through a job, farming, or other means, then invest in their ministries in their spare time. It sounds so sensible and neat. But the often-grim reality is that surviving as a tentmaker is difficult. In addition, their ministries can suffer due to the time and energy they must devote to generating income.  

  • Perseverance through persecution

    asia greeneryAt the latest leader development session in one of the restricted-access countries where A2 is at work, one thing is clear: Pastors here persevere in the ministry despite persistent persecution. Let two of our leaders share their testimonies with you in their own words: “In [location deleted], I was able to start three churches. Soldiers or local authorities would stop me from my rounds to these three churches, but we learned to post watchmen so that if police were on their way to our meeting locations I could temporarily slip away until the danger of in...

  • Short-Term Relief Teams to Nepal

    nepal-relief-team-splashNepal Short-Term Service Trips Now Available!

    Purpose:The people of Nepal have been devastated physically, economically, emotionally and spiritually by the April and May 2015 earthquakes. You have an opportunity to provide basic assistance, encouragement, and most importantly, the love of Christ to the people of Nepal.

    Timing: June – December 2015

    Maximum group size: Eight persons

    Trip length: Seven days/six nights in country (travel additional)

    • One day orientation
    • Five days at ministry site
    • One day visiting and sightseeing

    Primary work:  There is an acute need to clear the debris created by the earthquakes so that homes, schools and other buildings can be rebuilt. You will be working alongside the local residents in this effort...

  • New life springs up... from an earthquake-devastated church

    Broken-legged-guitaristIt was the guy in the worship band—a guitarist playing with two broken legs—who finally got to me. When the 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 26, over 300 men, women, and children were worshipping at Visions of Salvation church in central Kathmandu. The building collapsed. Nineteen people, including the pastor, were killed. Yesterday, my friends here (who shall remain nameless) and I were invited to share at the VOS service. They are renting a building near their now-destroyed sanctuary. It is unfinished—bare concrete floors, tin roof, no lights—but it is sturdy. The late pastor’s son and his wife now lead the...

  • The three Rs in short supply in Nepal

    (Photo courtesy Asian Access)Nepal (MNN) -- The back-to-back Nepali earthquakes are counted as the nation's deadliest disasters. More than 100 heavy aftershocks since late April are freaking people out. This means tent cities in the face of a looming monsoon season. We caught up with Noel Becchetti with Asian Access in Kathmandu. He says right now, "The nationwide goal is to...

  • An Amazing Legacy, A Devastating Setback...

    Ron-and-his-paintings-a2And Still Making A Difference—With A Paintbrush

    Ron McMahon is a world changer. A Southern California native and USC graduate, Ron launched his own architectural and planning firm, then moved into real estate development. His business achievements have spanned several decades and have covered the globe. But Ron has also been committed to his community...

  • How Do You Make School Possible For Slum Kids?

    Pay To Play (or in this case, Study)

    cam-Jesus-School-two-buddies-A2Our Asian Access national leaders have big hearts. And they tackle big problems with amazing creativity—as is the case with Phnom Penh’s Jesus School. Jesus School was born out of the vision of Meng Aun Hour, National Director for A2 Cambodia. Meng Aun volunteers time with Asian Access; his primary ministry is Followers of Jesus (FOJ) church, where he serves as pastor. FOJ developed a burden for the men, women and children hidden in Phnom Penh’s slums. These are the poorest of the poor, who often rely on money made by their children “working” the dumps for recyclables...

  • From Drug Addict to Church Planter:

    A Redemption Story From Cambodia

    v-r-m-a2When you wade into the Gospel trenches, you never know who might end up right next to you. Asian Access’ leaders in Cambodia have recently experienced this in a big way. Led by National Director Meng Aun Hour (pictured here with his wife Rady and their daughter Vouchly), Cambodia’s A2 program has been dynamic. Soon after the first A2 classes graduated, alumni began to envision how the benefits of A2’s training could be expanded. “A2’s primary program targets top national leaders,” Meng pointed out. “We wanted to also make...