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  • Wander Where He Leads

    Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-walking-in-beach-509127/

    By Bethany Panian Ho

    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost,”
    ­— J.R.R. Tolkien

    From my very first chapter book I have been a re-reader of stories. My mom read Sterling North’s Rascal (funnily enough, a popular anime in Japan) to my little brother and me when I was in the first or second grade. When she finished the book, I loved it so much that I immediately wanted to go back into the story and experience it by myself. I have been voraciously re-reading ever since. Each story is as comforting as getting coffee with a dear friend.

  • Remembering Bob Fuhriman

    Robert Fuhriman

    My Tribute to Robert Fuhriman

    Blessed to Be in Community with Bob

    Bob & Beth Fuhriman served as missionaries with Cru in Japan starting in 1968. In 1981, they switched to Asian Access (then, LIFE Ministries). I met them in 1987 as an Asian Access short-termer living in Tokyo. I remember carefully watching several of these long-term missionaries to see if I could possibly become one, as well as if these were the people whose community I wanted to join.

  • Bio: Annie Radinsky

    Background Information:

    I was born and raised in Southern California in a church that has a strong global vision. When I was a senior in high school, I realized that I wanted nothing else than to spend my life in global ministry. I started praying, asking questions, and exploring what that could potentially look like in my life and after a few short-term trips to various countries, I started praying for a specific country, and the Lord impressed Japan on my heart. Before spending 10 weeks in Japan in 2017, I wrote a list of 10 prayers and asked God to answer all of them if He was leading to Japan for future ministry - He answered all 10 prayers and so here I am! (it definitely wasn’t a completely smooth journey between 2017 and today…i.e. the coronavirus, among other things, but He leads in His sovereign time :) ) 

    Ministry Assignment:

    Missional Partner Associate since 2020

    radinsky annie 640px

  • An Olympic-Sized Opportunity

    Japan 2020Next year an immense opportunity is knocking at our doors and you can play a part in it! Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics and Asian Access in partnership with SIM is mobilizing teams to participate through partnering with local churches in reaching out. I hope you’ll join us! We’re praying for a breakthrough and believing that God has a plan to see the Christian population double by 2023 and the Olympic year presents a unique springboard for this to happen. In a few weeks, Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup which starts the wheels rolling. Then, next summer you can take part through teams coming to serve before the games as Tokyo hosts both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. {addthis off}

  • I am a closer friend of God because of you

    Dee Silk Joe coffeeThis past Sunday Silk and I had the privilege of spending a meal and afternoon with Dee Wirz. Dee is completely 43 years of ministry in Japan with us next month and we wanted some special time with just the few of us. What a joy it was being with her. It came following our annual staff retreat where many staff honored Dee and a letter was read from our founder, Ken with his wife Jan, as well as a skype from my predecessor Doug and his wife Jeanie. The impact Dee has made for the kingdom in Japan (and China)...

  • Give toward an Asian Access Missionary

    Invest in A2 staff missionaries who equip and unify visionary Christ-centered leaders to influence Spirit-led change.

    Give toward an A2 Missionary now...

  • Legacy: Michael L. Wilson

    “I’ve become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message. I didn’t just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!”
    — 1 Corinthians 9:22-23, The Message

    mlw 500pxNov 27, 1951 — Dec 4, 2018

    Mike's Story

    Michael L. Wilson was born in Los Angeles. After spending his childhood in Highland Park, he graduated from Charter Oak High School, attended the University of Southern California on a full math scholarship, graduated from University of Redlands (BS Business Admin) and later studied at Talbot Seminary and graduated from Biola University (MA Intercultural Studies and Doctorate of Missiology).

  • Bio: Mary Jo Wilson

    MJWilson 2018 lr 500pxMary Jo Wilson is Vice President for Missional Engagement. She has an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary (2014). As a certified trainer in EQ through Talent Smart, she sees EQ as foundational to working well across cultures and takes it further into the intersection of emotional intelligence and spiritual formation. She serves on the A2Japan Board and especially enjoys the collaboration of working in teams, encouraging younger leaders, and the challenge and blessing of deep, cross-cultural partnership for the gospel. Mary Jo initially went to Japan as a summer worker. From 1983 she worked in...

  • Bio: Jeff & Nozomi Johnston


    Background Information

    johnston jeffrey 2020 7R301940 squareJeffrey S. Johnston grew up in Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina. He became a Christian through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating, Jeff spent a short-term ministry assignment in Japan with Asian Access. He met Nozomi at Columbia International University where he earned his Master of Divinity.

    Nozomi Takeda Johnston was born in Sendai, Japan, and her family moved to Atlanta from Japan to start a Japanese church in 1977, which is still active today. Nozomi holds a B.A. in Christian Ed. and a Bible Teaching certificate from CIU, as well as a Masters in Education from Concordia University concentrating in elementary curriculum & instruction. She is currently teaching third grade.

    Zack completed his degree in electrical engineering, is a software engineer and web app developer, and he is a performing member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California.

    Ellie is halfway through her college career where she is majoring in PR and minoring in Bible.

    Ministry Assignment:

    Jeff is serving as the Vice President for Advancement & Communications for all of Asian Access, and he lives in Los Angeles. His primary responsibilities are to communicate the vision and mission of the organization—telling the Asian Access story through video, the web, print materials, and personal contact. Jeff has been with Asian Access since 1987, including the time to complete seminary and a church internship. He is also serving as a member of the Asian Access Leadership Team, and the family recently returned from a 4-year ministry stint in Tokyo. Jeff also has contributed to establishing the A2 pastor training model in North India and Bangladesh.

    Nozomi is investing her time teaching third grade and raising the kids and building a healthy and God-centered home. Whether in Tokyo or now Los Angeles, this is something lacking in both countries. In the past, she helped to write Bible class curriculum for the young kids at church. She has a ministry to moms and kids, teaching the Joy of Parenting book and marriage from a biblical perspective.

    Words of wisdom...

    If you are interested in pursuing a potential career in missions, here are our suggested action steps...

    • Pray. Ask God for direction. Get a copy of Operation World and begin praying for the world.
    • Get active in a local church. Join a church and develop relationships as you minister there. If you want to serve in Japan, you'll need church ministry experience here before you go. And it will be this sending church that affirms your call into missions and commissions you to serve.
    • Find a mentor. Seek an experienced person who has knowledge of missions to help you make some decisions. This should definitely include your missions pastor and/or missions committee. It may include a missionary.
    • Taste missions. Take a short-term missions trip -- anything from 1 week to 1 year. If you need ideas for where to find opportunities, check out these sites:
    • Get trained. If God is still moving you into long-term service, get a hold of a handbook called "Send Me!: Your Journey to the Nations" and find some training. Look into formal training opportunities.
    • Friend-Raise. Build a network of financial and prayer supporters. Keep them informed through regular newsletters. Be involved in the local church.
    • Go! Step out in faith!

    When you're in Japan, be sure to...

    • bathe before you get into the bathtub;
    • push buttons on the toilet only when you're sitting, not standing!
    • never wear your bathroom slippers outside the bathroom;
    • never leave your chopsticks sticking directly in a bowl of rice.

    Wonderful ministry memories...

    I (Jeff) love to see people and teams I have helped to recruit and train, go to Japan and touch lives while there. Some have been used to bring people to Christ; others to plant new churches. All encourage the believers with whom they work. Invariably, these missionaries return home more mature than when they first went, whether it was for 3 years or 3 weeks. God does a work in them and through them. That is satisfying to me.

    Looking to the future...

    We hope that Japan experiences a revival, first in the church; then an awakening in the rest of its society. We'd like to see 5-10% of it's people come to Christ in the next decade or two. Further, I am trusting God that the Japanese church will play a significant role in reaching the rest of Asia for Christ.



  • Bio: Stu & Hilary Lynch

    Multiplying transformational churches among unreached people groups in the UK and beyond

    Stu and Hilary Lynch have served with Asian Access since 1989. They were based in Japan for almost 18 years, helping strengthen and start churches there. They were based in Singapore for another five years, resourcing pastors in Southeast Asia to foster leadership training. Since 2013 they have lived in Birmingham, UK, where they are working in a multi-faith community to restart a church and helping equip and inspire church planters and leaders in Birmingham and beyond. Their ministry focus is on helping foster deeper spiritual formation, healthy life rhythms, and faithful environmental stewardship among church planters and leaders. They have four grown children who live in the US and UK.

    Clear sense of God’s preparation

    • Seven years starting churches in Japan
    • Ten years equipping pastors in Southeast Asia
    • Two years training global missionaries in the UK

    Unmistakable calling to the strategic, world-class city of Birmingham (UK)

    • Youngest city in Europe (under 25s about 40% of population), which offers opportunity to reach the next generation with hope, peace, and purpose
    • UK’s 2nd largest city after London—small enough to start a movement, but large enough to have significant influence in the UK and beyond
    • God already at work in a cooperative atmosphere among churches and mission agencies
    • Great need & opportunity to multiply multi-ethnic churches among unreached ethnic & religious minorities (25% of population Asian Muslim)
    • Key time and place in light of Brexit for training and modeling of how to bridge social, ethnic, and cultural divisions

    Strong connection with our ReachGlobal team

    • Creative and collaborative approach to ministry
    • Engaging over a dozen unreached people groups
    • Vision for multiplying multi-ethnic churches in the city
    • Strategic thinking, spiritual depth, enjoyable teamwork J 

    Convergence of our ministry gifts and experience

    • Strategic planning & vision casting
    • Coaching, equipping, and mentoring
    • Resource development (including the EPIC Bible Story App, coming really soon!)
    • Modeling and equipping for missional living for local Christians, church planters, and new overseas missionaries in some of the neediest areas in the UK

    Call to go the distance

    • Over 50 years (combined) ministering in Japan, Singapore, and England
    • Clear calling to help multiply transformational gospel communities across Birmingham
    • Desire to equip, empower, and invest in new leaders who are interested in cross-cultural ministry, especial to Muslims
    • Many fruitful years of ministry lie ahead of us (we hope J)

    We really appreciate all our faithful ministry partner! We couldn’t do what we do without you standing behind us in prayer, finances, and much more. May God richly bless you for partnership and encouragement!


  • Bio: Takeshi & Dorrie Takazawa


    Takeshi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He became a Christian through a children’s English class held in partnership with Asian Access and a local Japanese church. He quickly became involved in serving in the church and by the time he was in college he was involved in various leadership roles. After graduation, he joined Asian Access as Acting Business Manager for the English language schools and from there he worked with others to start the Church Planting Networks. He also began teaching and training in other Asian Countries. Currently he is also involved in various special projects in Japan and Asia, including disaster relief, leadership renewal, and leader development.

    Dorrie joined Asian Access in the summer of 1982 teaching English on the Island of Shikoku. This summer assignment has now turned into 40 years with Asian Access! She was the TESOL director for the English language program and was involved in training hundreds of people who came to serve both long and short term in Japan. Currently, she serves as a training coordinator for our new missionaries in Japan; plus she helps Takeshi with some of his projects and tries to keep the family on track.

    Kei was born and raised in Japan and attended local schools through 9th grade. He attended a US high school for three years and graduated this past June with high honors. He is attending Wheaton College now. His current interest is physics. He has been a big help in serving both with us and on his own in Japan as well as in the States in a church plant targeting 2nd generation Vietnamese.

    Kie was also born and raised in Japan and attended local schools through part of 8th grade. She entered 9th grade in a US high school without ever really finishing 8th grade! After a rocky start, she is now a senior in the same high school and doing very well. She is on the varsity basketball team and also enjoys playing in the Asian Leagues. She has a heart for children and serves as one of the children’s leaders in the church plant. She loves helping Japanese youth (she was invaluable when we hosted a group of kids from Fukushima last March) and is interested in social sciences and Japanese.

    Ministry Assignment

    Takeshi is the Vice President for Innovative Initiatives for Asian Access. He served as the National Director of A2/Japan from 2015-'17. In addition, he currently serves on the Asian Access International Ministry Leadership team.

    Since the three-fold disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011, Takeshi has been in Japan every month to serve pastors and leaders in the disaster area. He has been involved in various projects that have developed out of needs discovered on his visits and through his relationships. He also facilitated a three-year renewal process for JCGI Network (A2's work in Japan) that brought in younger leaders and culminated in 2017. He continues to teach and train in other parts of Asia when asked.

    Dorrie and the kids continue to pitch in as needed.




  • Bio: Sterling & Emi Miller


    In March 2011 our family traveled to Japan to meet with Emi’s annual missionary conference and visit family. We felt the earthquake on March 11th while in the mountains near Nagano, and watched the TV in awe of the tsunami’s devastation. We experienced the empty grocery shelves, the rationing of fuel, and felt the alarming aftershocks. Holding our then four-month-old daughter Geneva, we left the country with conflicted hearts. Yet, as we departed Japan, we both had a sense that God will redeem this experience in His time. This summer, God confirmed that initial yearning as Asian Access approved our family to serve as missionaries in Japan. Our ministry will be:

    Family - We are partnering with an exciting Tokyo-area church, Kokubunji Baptist Church (KBC, https://kbch.d.dooo.jp/ ), to build relationships and learn how to share the gospel in the Japanese context. KBC established a community center in Tohoku to minister to orphans and families affected by the triple disaster. This ministry is called SOLA.

    miller emi headshot 2018 10 webEmi continues her work with the Asian Access missionary families in Japan as the field leader of Missionary Care. Missionary families endure intense pressures, driving the need for essential relational and spiritual support to sustain their family.

    miller sterling headshot 2016 04 20 web

    Sterling is working part time for A2 in Japan and also part-time with a Christian businessman in Japan. His goal is to learn the language, and invest in meaningful relationships for those seeking Christ in business, in the church, and in the Japanese community.


    Background Information:

    Emi Hibino grew up in Chicago and moved to southern California during high school. In June of 1998, she graduated from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) with a degree in Education and Social Policy. One month later, she "jetted" off to Japan to teach English conversation and American culture through the JET Program in Ibaraki prefecture for two years.


    Ministry Assignments:

    Asian Access - U.S. Headquarters:

    • Director of Human Resource Development, 2002-present
    • Mobilization Specialist, 2000-'01

    Summer Teams in Japan, 1999 (Tokushima) and 2000 (Katsuta)

    • While living in Ibaraki prefecture, I served on a Summer Team with Asian Access in 1999 in Tokushima.
    • The following year, I helped host an Asian Access Summer Team at Katsuta Church, the church I was attending in Japan. Now, Katsuta Church is very involed in our Church Multiplication Network and has planted a new church in Omiya City, Ibaraki.


    Words of wisdom...

    Talk to friends, family, and a Christian leader that knows you well to share your convictions and sense of calling. Approach them with an open mind and heart, ready to listen to their advice and insight.


    When you're in Japan, be sure to...

    always carry around tissue. It will come in handy – believe me!


    Wonderful ministry memories...

    When I first started attending the Japanese church in my town as a JET teacher in 1998, I struggled to understand how this church that had many traditions and what I perceived as a solemn faith could be a joyous witness. The church was especially grappling with how to attract more young people to Christ. Through the awesome work of 3 women on a 2000 Asian Access team, the church hosted three evening praise music services -- it was a breakthrough moment! Not only was praise music sung, but the church choir sang the Sister Act contemporary gospel version of "Oh Happy Day" in English with movements and the works! Unbelievable!

    Now years later, Katsuta Church is taking large steps of faith in launching new evangelistic ministries with a short-term Asian Access missionary and members with renewed God-given vision for their community. God moves in ways we least expect!


    What we've learned here...

    Be open and be flexible to possibilities and opportunities. Serving in Japan can be exciting so buckle up and enjoy the ride!


    Words of wisdom...

    Anytime you can create an activity to share your culture with the Japanese, it can be a tremendously effective tool for the gospel! Dying Easter eggs, an Easter egg hunt, cooking class, American game night, bar b q, picnic, etc. One pointer – be planful, prepared, and detailed if you are working with members of the church to execute an event.


    The family:

    The youngest of 4 siblings, I am the "baby" of the family. I grew up as a "PK," with surprisingly few issues with it. ;-)  On January 19, 2008, I married long-time friend Sterling Miller, and we're enjoying married life.


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  • Bio: Robert & Roberta Adair


    Background Information:

    Roberta was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State University she served for three years in Kosovo with The Christian & Missionary Alliance. After completing her term she enrolled in Wheaton College for additional studies in missions. Robert was raised in Texas and is a graduate of Texas A&M University. From 2005-2009 he served in southern Japan with Asian Access. Like Roberta, he returned to the States to study missions at Wheaton College in 2009, which is where their paths converged.

    After meeting, dating and getting married, Robert and Roberta discerned that God was leading them back to Japan with Asian Access. They are currently in Japan through a strategic partnership between Asian Access and SIM designed to leverage the strengths of both agencies to more effectively reach Japanese people and strengthen the Japanese church.


    Ministry Assignments:

    Robert has served with Asian Access since 2001 in a variety of roles.

    • Church Multiplication Teams - December 2010-present
    • j-Teams Coordinator (2009-present), while pursuing a Masters at Wheaton.
    • Church Planting Associate in Kyshu, Japan from 2005-'09.
    • j-Teams Leader: 2002, 2003
    • j-Teams Member: 2001

    Roberta joined Asian Access in 2010.

    • Church Multiplication Teams - December 2010-present
    • Apprentice Program (Christian & Missionary Alliance)- 2006-2009


    Current Assignment:

    Robert & Roberta arrived back in Japan in March 2012 after a pre-field assignment, including earning degrees at Wheaton Graduate School.

    They are currently serving with Church Multiplication Teams in the Tohoku region of Japan (northern Japan). Their ministry consists of coming along side an existing Japanese church and assisting them in reaching an area where a church does not currently exist. Specific activities include language study, relational evangelism, teaching English, discipleship, coaching, and doing whatever else is necessary to help build the church in Japan.


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  • Bio: Dan and Casi Brown

    Background Info:

    Our journey started in 2010. We had just recently had our first daughter, Abbi, and were happily serving and working at our local church. Things were well and comfortable, but they were about to change.

    As we had been in God's Word and spending time in prayer together, we had a burden to get out of the bondage of debt. We wanted to live as simply as possible so that we may be able to use more of our resources to advance the Kingdom of God. We sold a car and our home, and paid off all our debt.

    Through these steps we were free of debt and had nothing holding us back. We had been growing in the Word and were ready for cross-cultural work overseas. As we prayed for God to show us where He wanted us, God said stay. This did not make sense to us, as we were struggling with the leadership at our local church, but we just trusted God and His plan. In March of 2011 our local church went through a very difficult time and it was clear of why God had us stay. We were a source of consistency and encouragement through that time.

    In May 2011 God blessed us with our second daughter, Ryli. A month after she was born, we started praying about a country to adopt from. After about a month of praying God had answered our prayer in a way that would turn our lives upside down. Casi had felt like it was a country in Asia. Dan was thinking more specifically Japan, BUT...he added, "the burden is not to adopt a child, it is go." We knew the call was to move and go make disciples in Japan.

    So this is where we find ourselves today. We are preparing to go into the mission field of Japan, working with SIM. Our heart is broken for Japan. There are 127 million people and less than 1% are evangelical. They need the hope of Jesus Christ. We are excited to see His Kingdom be built among the people of Japan. Together with you, we can reach this nation.

    brown dan and casi 300pxMinistry Assignment:

    The objective of the Great Commission is to share the life of Christ. But in Japan, 99% of the population is unreached by the Life of Jesus Christ. An optimal way to do this is by multiplying churches, which can reach more Japanese.

    90% of Japanese who become Christians do so because they heard the Gospel through a trusted friend or relative. Everything in the process of multiplying churches begins and ends with relationships that show forth the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

    As a Church Planting Associate, we will be assigned to work with a Japanese pastor in a new church plant. Experienced Asian Access church-planting missionaries will serve as our role models, and provide assistance in helping us use our gifts and abilities in ministering under a Japanese pastor.

    While English teaching is one tool for building relationships, many other ministry opportunities exist depending upon the needs of our Japanese church and upon our giftedness. These outreaches will be focused on making friends in our community and may include: music, drama, cooking classes, leading Bible studies, teaching English Bible classes or Sunday School classes, children's programs, camps, coffee houses, etc. 



  • Bio: Sabrina Yee


    sabrina yee 2016 tallBackground Info:

    I was born and raised in Southern California and so whenever I come back after traveling I will immediately crave Mexican food and In-n-out. I attended Cal Poly Pomona and Talbot Seminary, and my home church is Evergreen Baptist Church SGV. I am half Chinese, half Japanese, and fourth generation American.


    Current Ministry Assignment

    Missional Partner Associate since 2016


    Advice for Potential Missionaries

    My advice would be to communicate with your home church from the start so that they are aware and can be a key part in training, support, and partnership. Also sense the Lord in direction for training, for example I felt that Seminary and Perspectives class provided necessary foundation. Of course, research and talk to people at the organizations you’re considering partnering with. All of this, of course, by prayer.


    When in Japan, be sure to...

    ...check out the onsen (public bath) with a local Japanese friend, if you’re brave enough. I think it’s worth the experience and a great way to learn about Japanese culture.


    sabrina yee ishinomaki 500Especially Meaningful Aspects of Ministry:

    I had the opportunity to intern for a social enterprise called Nozomi (hope) Project in Ishinomaki, Japan where they recycle broken pottery collected from the wake of the 2011 disaster, and transform the shards into beautiful Jewelry. Local women were hired to provide an income for their families and a community to bring healing and hope for their futures. I feel honored to have been accepted for a short season into the lives of these people at Nozomi Project.


    Hopes for the Future:

    I hope to learn as much as I can while I’m studying Japanese at language school. Another hope is that I can partner with people, churches, or organizations to fight human trafficking and the sex industry in Japan.





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  • Bio: Gary and Barbara Bauman


    Background Info:

    Barbara first went to Japan as a short-term single missionary in the summer of 1981. Gary and Barbara went together as a married couple for short-term outreach during the summer of 1985. They arrived in Japan as career missionaries in December, 1988 with one-year-old Jessica. Josiah was born in Japan in 1990.


    Ministry Assignment:

    Gary serves as Editor of Japan Harvest, the journal of the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association. Among just a few of their other activities, Gary and Barbara serve together in marriage ministry, while Gary develops print and digital ministry resources, and Barbara leads and trains mothers to lead parenting classes.


    When you're in Japan, be sure to...

    Experience a public bath.


    Funniest story of life in Japan...

    Shortly after returning to Japan from our first "home assignment" in the U.S., we were visiting with some Japanese friends. Gary was sharing the basics of the gospel, and as he was explaining how God had come to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ, his tongue got tangled. Rather than saying "ningen" (person), to his dismay he heard himself saying "ninjin" (carrot)!


    What we've learned here...

    While short-term ministry is amazing effective in the right context, we also found there is no substitute for longevity. As we continue into our third decade of ministry in Asia, we're more excited than ever about what God is going to do in the years ahead!


    How is God blessing your life and ministry?

    Whether it is seeing retired neighbors come to Christ and baptizing them in a local river, seeing a young mother choose not to abort twin girls and eventually become a follower of Christ, seeing couples begin to hope again amidst seemingly hopeless marriages, or seeing biblical resources we've developed translated into Korean and Mongilian (we've seen all of the preceding events take place during our time in Japan), we are awed at how God can take the willingness of two very flawed human beings and use us in our weakness to touch lives and expand His kingdom.


    In Japan, we enjoy...

    Dear Japanese friends, an efficient and effective public transit system, a missionary community that is committed to working together for the advancement of the gospel, the commitment of evangelical Japanese Christians despite being a minority of less than 1/2 of 1 percent... the list goes on and on.


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  • Bio: Eric & Sue Takamoto

    Background Info:

    We met at Fuller Seminary, sharing a common interest in Japan and missions. We were married in 1997 and continued moving forward toward our goal of serving overseas. Eric finished his Master of Divinity at Fuller, and then taught for two years at a charter school for troubled teens in southern California.  Sue continued working on her degree, and served in Asian Access' U.S. office in staff development and human resources. Sue is from New Jersey and previously spent 3 years in Japan prior to getting married. Eric is from Hawaii and has done ministry in Brazil with a Japanese congregation.

    Ministry Assignment:

    Our hearts are committed to building significant relationships in the community of Ishinomaki through investing our talents, gifts, and lives. We hope to to see the residents here come to know and worship our Savior. We moved up to Ishinomaki in March 2012, one year after Japan's horrific triple disaster. And through Be One Network, we launched Nozomi Project—which helps to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Here is more about Nozomi Project:

    Our children Owen, Annie, and Olivia, as well as our little Maltese Molly, have helped us in great ways to build relationships!

    Before moving to Ishinomaki, we worked in Sanda, Japan. (Sanda is about 40 minutes from Osaka and Kobe). We served as Area Leaders in the Kansai Church Planting Network.

    Prior to moving to Sanda in July 2004, we spent two years in Sendai, Japan at Sendai L'Abri Bible Church. Eric learned a lot about the church's outreach to children, and both of us learned about discipleship in Japan through a great program at our church there. 

    Words of wisdom...

    Pray expectantly, knowing that God delights in making our paths clear. He will not (usually) unfold the whole plan, but will always give you enough light to make the next step. 

    When you're in Japan, be sure to...

    Go to an outside hotspring!

    What we've learned here...

    We love to be creative in doing ministry. We’ve used our hobbies (old ones and new ones!) to build relationships – bonsai, cloth-dying, even practical jokes! It's great that God takes who we are and wants to use us to do His work. 

    Funniest story of life in Japan...

    I (Sue) was at a farewell party in a church in Japan after I had spent a summer there. I was giving a farewell speech, being translated for the church by a proficient translator. The pastor and his wife had a darling 5 year old son (I was single at the time). I said in English, "I don't care how many years I have to wait, it's worth it to me if I can marry the Satos' son."

    The translator translated. The pastor, his wife, and the congregation, were silent, and slowly turning green. So I repeated the sentence. The translator translated it again, hesitantly, looking at me to clarify. That time I caught what he said in Japanese: "I don't care how many years I have to wait, it's worth it to me if I can marry Sato - san." (San is the Japanese word for "Mr"). Needless to say, we all turned red, and laughed a lot after that!

    Wonderful ministry memories

    We love loving the Japanese people. There's no greater joy to us. They are warm, and open, and often difficult to understand—but the blessings are way beyond any others that we know.


    Why did we move to Ishinomaki?

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  • Bio: Erik and Rhonda Boehme


    Background Info:

    Erik grew up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He moved to Oregon to attend George Fox University where he met Rhonda. Rhonda grew up in Newberg, Oregon, the hometown of George Fox. After graduating in 1994, Rhonda flew off to Japan to teach English on the JET Program. When Rhonda was planning to return to the U.S. two years later, Erik decided to fly off to Japan with the JET Program so Rhonda decided to stay in Japan, and they were married 8 months later. In 1999 they returned to Oregon for Erik to attend Multnomah Biblical Seminary which thus began a search for a way to return to Japan to fulfill God’s calling on their lives.


    Ministry Assignment:

    The Boehmes have been with Asian Access since 2003.

    • Church Multiplication Teams: 2009 - present
    • Church Planting Associates (2006-'09) - Kysushu, Japan.
    • Pre-Field Candidates - 2003-'06


    Words of wisdom...

    Obstacles and distractions may abound in the pursuit of God's Call to missions, but DON'T GIVE UP!


    When in Japan, be sure to...

    Try Shabu Shabu, Okonomiaki, Kawara Soba (While in Yamaguchi prefecture) and Oolong Tea.


    Hopes for the future...

    We hope to become more like Jesus as we live and share the GOOD News of Christ's saving grace with people in Japan. We hope to see a "living" body of new believers established in Japan. We hope to spread a vision for reaching the whole world for Christ among people in the U.S.


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  • Bio: Kent & Yuko Muhling

    muhling fam 2021 500px

    Background Info

    Kent is a former Naval Flight Officer who felt the call to the ministry while still in uniform. He resigned his commission in 1996, spent a year and a half in Ukraine as a lay missionary, then returned to Orlando, FL to pursue a Master of Divinity degree at Reformed Theological Seminary. There he met his wife Yuko, a native of Japan, who was studying for her Master of Arts in Counseling. They both graduated in 2001 and are eager to serve the Lord in ministry.

    Ministry Assignment

    Serving with Asian Access since 2003:

    • As Career Missionaries
      • Tohoku, Japan, 2012-present
    • as Church Planting Associates:
      • Term 2: Osaka, Japan, 2010-2014
      • Home Assignment: Jacksonville, FL - 2009
      • Term 1: Chiba/Tokyo, Japan- 2006-2009
    • Pre-Field Deputation: 2003-2006

    Words of wisdom...

    • Pray. Ask God to reveal your heart. For what reasons would you, or would you not, pursue full-time missionary service?
    • Ask other mature believers in your life if they sense this is the direction God might be leading you.
    • Then, absolutely, read Let the Nations Be Glad! by John Piper – the most passion-inspiring, God-glorifying book on missions I’ve yet read.

    When you're in Japan, be sure to...

    Visit Kyoto, with its numerous temples, shrines, gardens, and other monuments to traditional Japanese culture. It is a beautiful place!

    Hoping for "ultimate contributions"...

    I'd like to help establish a worldwide prayer movement for Japan that would break through spiritual barriers and see masses of Japanese embrace the gospel of Christ. (This has begun to happen in the Middle East, as a result of the worldwide prayer movement for the 10/40 Window begun about 10 years ago.) 

    Meaningful methods...

    Both of us really want our home to be a place where ministry takes place -- home Bible studies and fellowship groups, an open door for those who are hurting or seeking answers to spiritual questions, etc. We’re drawn to the picture of the early church in the New Testament, which often met in homes. 

    Hopes for the future...

    I (Kent) hope to be a good student of Japanese language and culture, so that I might be able to truly understand the minds and hearts of those I am trying to reach with the gospel – and so that I might better understand what following Christ looks and feels like to my Japanese brothers and sisters. Yuko hopes to get certified as a translator so she can help in translating Christian literature (especially in the area of counseling) into Japanese.




  • 20 Years Ago and Today

    Johnston Family

    Exactly 20 Years Ago

    Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of first arriving in Japan 

    At this very moment on September 6, 1987 I was walking out of customs at Narita Airport in Tokyo to explore Japan for the first time. I had just finished college at the University of North Carolina, where I became a Christian. At the end of my senior year, I signed up for a 1-year stint as an English teaching missionary with Asian Access (formerly LIFE MInistries) in Tokyo. My life would never be the same.


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