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  • The USCIRF condemns Myanmar coup

     An armored car patrolling Myanmar after the coup. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

    Myanmar (MNN) — Governments around the world have condemned the Myanmar coup. The military took control of the country on Monday, disregarding the democratic process. Now, police have charged the elected leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, as a justification for holding her. The charge? Illegally possessing and importing walkie talkies.

  • The military stages a coup in Myanmar

    Myanmar (MNN) — The military of Myanmar has staged a coup, detaining several senior politicians. Internet, phone, and television access were blocked around the capital of Naypyitaw.

  • Joe and Silk Handley head to Japan

    joe and silk masked on plane 640pxHere's a quick message from us as we head back to Japan for the last 7 weeks before moving back to the U.S. in December. We're praying for you,

    Joe and Silk Handley...

  • Praying: For Healing and Revival of our Nations

    screenshot of prayer meetingLast night our global community met for our monthly prayer gathering and I was so impressed as we prayed through the passage listed below from the prophet Joel. While our world has been through so much, Pastor K reminded us that we have been meeting repenting and praying, seeking the Lord’s direction. He challenged us that now is the time to pray for the healing of our nations from the pandemic and for revival. So, we prayed and the prayers were...

  • India's BJP advances unhindered

    BJP advances unhinderedIndia (MNN) -- India's version of ISIS is advancing its agenda. The leaders of the world's largest democracy are openly pushing for a Hindu-only India. Noel Becchetti of Asian Access says their India director views it as a two-edged sword. "He's very alarmed, on the one hand, but he sees a great opportunity on the other. His alarm is: the...

  • India's BJP rise to power, Asian Access

    BJP advances unhinderedNoel Becchetti of Asian Access and MNN’s Katey Hearth discuss the BJP’s rise to power in India and the trouble upcoming elections hold for Christians...

  • David Dayalan on India's national elections

    David DayalanIndia (MNN) -- Election time means a global call-to-prayer.

    Katey Hearth of Mission Network News interviews David Dayalan, national director of A2/India regarding the country's elections. He shares about the potential impact—even persecution—that the policies of the leading party (BJP) might have on the church in India. Rev. Dayalan also gives an overview of how Asian Access equips...

  • First week of 2014 India elections comes to an end

    (Photo cred: Anna Carlson via Flickr)Early opinion polls show BJP win in 2014 elections.

    India (MNN) — Tomorrow ends the first week and first 4 phases of the 2014 India elections, scheduled to take place from April 7 to May 12. With over 800 people registered to vote and potential deterrents like weather, harvest season and holidays, logistical challenges create the need for a two-month polling schedule.

    On Saturday, voters in Assam, Sikkim and Tripura are expected to cast their ballots for India’s next Prime Minister and...

  • Deadly violence mars Bangladesh elections

    bangladesh-protests-195Bangladesh (MNN) — What makes a valid mandate when it comes to elections?

    Yesterday, the Awami League handily won Bangladesh’s election, but the victory was marred by street fighting, low turnout, and a boycott by the opposition. Without a contender, the Awami League took more than two-thirds of seats in the contest.

    Accusations over...