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  • Celebrating the 2020 Vision & Passing the Baton in Japan

    A2 celebrating 2020 vision fuji 686149876

    The 2020 Vision:

    To deploy 100 church multiplication teams:
    • to establish 1,000 reproducing congregations...
    • to enfold 1,000,000 new followers of Christ...
    • who will, in turn, send 1,000 missionaries from Japan to the cities of Asia...
    • that will be home to 1 billion people by the year 2020 AD.
  • God Speaks Today

    Whoever is of God hears the words of God.
    — John 8:47

    A2/Japan Retreat... in-person!

    A few weeks ago, A2/Japan held an encouraging retreat in Okutama. It was the first time in three years that our entire missionary team met together and Silk and I were barely able to squeeze in with the covid restrictions.

  • Easter Greetings from Three A2 Presidents

    three amigos 2021

    Happy Easter from Asian Access! Joe Handley, current president of Asian Access, joins two of his former predecessors to share Easter greetings for all friends and supporters of Asian Access. Thank you for your friendship and partnership. Together, we celebrate our risen Savior, for whom we are all co-laborers.

  • A Hybrid World

    A Hybrid World bookcover thumbI was honored to be asked to review a new book that’s out that I believe is an important contribution to our ever-evolving world. This new book, A Hybrid World: Diaspora, Hybridity, and MissioDei. edited by Sadiri Joy Tira and Julie Lee Uytanlet, was developed at the Lausanne Movement and Global Diaspora Network consultation: Hybridity, Diaspora, and Missio Dei: Exploring New Horizons, hosted at the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, June 2018. The reason I believe this book is so important is that our world is getting smaller and smaller, day by day. The impact of migration, globalization and the intermixing of peoples is pivotal to our capacity to reach the world for Christ in this day and age. I am convinced this reality will grow even more important in the years to come...

  • Finding perspective amidst coronavirus

    perspective redcharlie sSpFDw4Id8g cropped unsplashI trust and pray that you are well. For most of us, things haven't really settled into a new normal yet. We have recently begun a season of self-isolation here in Japan while others have been doing this for weeks now. But wherever we are, I think everyone has had a little time to try gaining perspective. I've been getting messages from our volunteers across Asia trying to find perspective. I hope to share some because it's important for you to know and to pray. Here is an insightful one from a national director that I wanted to share with you...

  • God has brought us through major disruptions before...

    Doug holding JoeSo we can trust him now.

    As I was preparing for our upcoming Board meeting (now via teleconference), I received a letter from Doug Birdsall, my predecessor and current board member. Doug gave me permission to share his letter with you. Our hope is to encourage you. Perhaps you are discouraged, facing difficult circumstances because of coronavirus or other challenges in your life. This is a testament to God’s faithfulness to deliver.

    Dear Joe: You and the needs of the mission have been on my mind in light of the uncertainty brought about by the virus and the turbulence of the markets. I have been thinking about 5 significant disruptions that have profoundly impacted the life of our mission over the years...

  • Doug Birdsall's message: "Compelled by Love"

    8328aa6e-ca28-45fe-9450-51bf17293726.jpgSilk and I were encouraged to attend a recent missions conference at Rolling Hills Covenant Church entitled "Compelled by Love." During this missions celebration weekend, we explored how the most powerful driving force of life, relationships, and missions is... Christ’s love. My predecessor, and current Asian Access Ambassador-at-Large, Doug Birdsall did a wonderful job as the keynote speaker. Doug shared about our important calling as Christ’s ambassadors and how we are to be compelled, convinced and committed followers of Jesus. We were so inspired by his sharing that we wanted to repost his message here...

  • Compelled by Love: Join Silk and me at Rolling Hills Covenant Church (Feb 22-23)

    8328aa6e-ca28-45fe-9450-51bf17293726.jpgHi Friends, I want to invite you to join Silk and me as Rolling Hills Covenant Church celebrates what God is doing in the world. My predecessor, and current Asian Access Ambassador at Large, Doug Birdsall will be the keynote speaker this weekend (Feb 22-23) in the church services and you’ll be inspired by his sharing “Compelled by Love.” For those of you living in the South Bay of LA, or if you want to commute from anywhere in the LA basin, Silk and I would love to see you... {addthis off}

  • An Encouraging Surprise for a Returning Visitor

    A2 Summit 2018 doug and mengDoug Birdsall, former president of Asian Access and member of the A2 Board of Directors, also serves on the A2 Vision Council—a group of men and women who help to discern God’s “big picture” vision for the movement. Recently, the Vision Council meeting was scheduled back-to-back with our annual Summit, when Asian Access gathers its national leaders together for spiritual refreshment, vision-casting, and strategic planning. Doug arrived early enough to attend the Summit—and got a very encouraging surprise...

  • A2|50th Day 2: Expanding Access

    Adrian and DougEach day at our Jubilee in Jakarta highlighted a different theme. On Day 1, we focused on our pioneering days, originally as the Language Institute for Evangelism in 1967 and later LIFE Ministries in the mid-1980s, which was focused on Japan. Our theme for Day 1 was aptly titled Pioneering Life. Day 2 took us into a new season in the life of the global church, an era where fresh paradigms were being touted as new ways forward in ministry. Our theme for the day was Expanding Access! It was during this era our name changed from "LIFE Ministries" to "Asian Access" and the day began with a perfect reflection from Dr. Ajith Fernando highlighting the importance of unity. He led us in an in-depth devotion walking through the New Testament with keen attention on the book of Acts showing the importance of staying united in the development, growth and challenges for the...

  • A2|50th Day 1: Pioneering Life

    A250th early exec leaders 1989The countdown began, and Asian Access' Jubilee in Jakarta was underway. It was a spectacular beginning with the crowd counting down to the opening session… 10, 9, 8, 7… The international or multi-cultural worship team led by Ian Nagata (lovingly called "Ian and the Multi-Nationals") from Evergreen Church – San Gabriel Valley (near Los Angeles) showcased his new album leading us in worship. Check it out: Where You Go! The morning devotion followed led by Dr. Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director for Youth for Christ – Sri Lanka and world renown bible teacher. He led us on “The Way of Repentance” as key to any movement. He even referenced Bobby Clinton, a key shaper of Asian Access core curriculum, saying it’s more important that we finish well than we start well. And, he mentioned that all the great revivals of Asia started with humility and repentance.

  • Plant Churches... Plant Churches... Plant Churches!

    dbirdsall-speaking1-thumbAt Asian Access’ fall board retreat, Doug Birdsall shared the powerful story of how the 2020 Vision for Japan emerged. Listening to Doug share is always an inspiration! He spoke about how he was sensing the Lord might be calling him away from the mission of Asian Access—but one night woke up and all he could see and hear was the phrase “Plant Churches… Plant Churches… Plant Churches…” over and over again!

  • Vision 2030

    pz-webIt’s been a tremendous week in Seoul. 30 leaders from an important and strategic country, not named due to security reasons, gathered to prayerfully plan their strategy for a vision God put on their heart leading to 2030. They want to send 20,000 missionaries from their country and plant 2,000 churches outside their country by 2030. Nearly every day...

  • Vision - Doug Birdsall shares in Japan

    Joe and Doug

    Thanksgiving week was inspiring!

    I spent the first few days of Thanksgiving week listening to one of my mentors, Doug Birdsall – Honorary Chairman of the Lausanne Movement, share about vision in Japan. 

    Doug shared many powerful life and leadership lessons that all of us will treasure for years to come. He quoted scripture so frequently that you could tell he has spent a lifetime cultivating a deep relationship with God. Some of his many more salient points included...

  • Match offer expires November 1st - There's still time to double your gift

    2 A2-Jpn Disaster-Relief Report-Sep2012-p2-5b1-5dDear Friend,

    Thank you for your prayers and support for the ongoing work of Asian Access and the response toward tsunami relief in Japan the past 18 months. To show you what support from people like you has accomplished, we have posted a report online, which you can view here.

    In addition, I wanted to remind you that Asian Access has until...

  • Bio: Doug and Jeanie Birdsall

    Current Ministry Assignments

    In addition to serving on the Board of Directors for Asian Access, Doug is currently serving as the Ambassador-at-Large for our movement and the Honorary Chair for the Lausanne Movement.

    Background Info:

    Rev. S. Douglas Birdsall, PhD is a graduate of Wheaton College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Harvard University, and Oxford Mission Study Centre. Jeanie holds master's degrees from Fuller and Gordon-Conwell seminaries.

    Doug and Jeanie Birdsall have served as missionaries with Asian Access since 1980.

    They joined the mission, which was known then as LIFE Ministries, shortly after graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the summer of 1979. They arrived in Tokyo on January 12, 1980. Stacia Beth, their first child, was born twelve weeks later on the fifth of April.

    Japan was home for the Birdsall family throughout the eighties. During their first term, Doug and Jeanie were involved in student ministry in Tokyo. Following a year of studies at Harvard during their first home assignment, the Birdsalls returned to Japan to lead a church planting team on the west side of Tokyo. Doug also assumed responsibilities as the director of the missionary staff in Japan in 1985. Judson joined the family on October 4, 1982. Jessamin arrived on March 30, 1987. All three of the children were born in the same room of the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Tokyo. 

    Appointed as President (1991-2007)

    In June of 1991, Doug was appointed to serve as the president of the mission. This appointment placed them in Pasadena, California until the summer of 1994. Upon returning to Japan, work was begun to re-organize the ministry to focus primarily on leadership development and church planting. Two years later, the work of the mission began to expand beyond Japan began with the pilot project of Asian Access in Mongolia.

    Doug and Jeanie and their children returned to the States in 1999. At that time, the work of the ministry in Japan was entrusted to Japanese leaders. In the years since 1999, the work of Asian Access has also been established in China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia and Myanmar. Plans are in place for the establishment of leadership training in twelve additional countries across Asia over the course of the next six years.

    Other Roles

    In 2004, Doug was installed as the Executive Chair of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. Doug completed his doctoral dissertation at Oxford Mission Study Centre. Since 1999 Doug has also served as the founding Director of the J. Christy Wilson, Jr. Center for World Missions at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


    Throughout their years of service with Asian Access, Jeanie has been involved in many dimensions of ministry in Japan and in the States. She has enjoyed teaching the Bible and mentoring women in the communities where they have lived. During her years of raising a family and serving the mission, Jeanie has also earned graduate degrees at Fuller Theological Seminary and at Gordon-Conwell.

    The Birdsalls three children, who were raised in Japan, are now young adults. Their eldest, Stacia Birdsall Lee, is a graduate of Princeton, Yale, and Columbia, and lives in Manhattan. Their son, Judd, is the Managing Director of the Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies at Clare College, Cambridge. Judd previously served at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. and earned a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Their youngest child, Jessamin, graduated from Harvard University and is currently working at the Church Urban Fund in London while pursuing a Ph.D in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton University.

    The Birdsalls have cherished their years as part of the Asian Access mission family. They look forward to remaining a part of the community through service on the Board of Directors, serve as Ambassador-at-Large, and as missionaries who will be on special assignment to the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization.

    Recent Articles about Doug & Jeanie

  • A leadership change for a ministry to Asia


    New Asian Access CEO Joe Handley (left) takes the baton of leadership from predecessor Doug Birdsall (right).

    Asia (MNN) ― On October 9 the baton of leadership for Asian Access was passed to new CEO, Joe Handley. Handley becomes the 4th president in the ministry's 40-year history.

    Former Asian Access president Doug Birdsall stepped

  • Passing the baton

    Doug Birdsall and me“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”
    |— 2 Timothy 2:2 (NIV)

    This verse has captured my attention for many years as I see it for my life’s call... Raising up a new generation of leaders to influence the world for Christ...


  • New leader continues mission in Asia


    International (MNN) ―Asian Access has named Bruce Johnson as their interim fourth president. He'll be overseeing the growth of their leader development model across the twenty countries of Asia. Johnson, who joined the organization in 2004, serves as Vice President for Leadership Development.

    Of his new

  • President of Asian Access steps down


    Doug Birdsall

    USA (MNN) ― Doug Birdsall has been with Asian Access for 28 years. In 1991, he was named President of the organization. His tenure will be coming to an end as he's stepping down.

    "Three years ago I accepted the leadership of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, with the thought that I would be able to



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