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  • Tragedy on Mount Ontake

    mt ontake-eruption-500Japan (MNN) — Mount Ontake’s unexpected volcanic eruption is the deadliest in Japan since 1926.

    The death toll is at 48 after as more victims were discovered on the summit, noted media reports yesterday. According to Japan’s Meteorological Society, Mount Ontake is Japan’s second-highest active volcano; it last had a minor eruption seven years ago...

  • More on Mt. Ontake

    mt ontakeJapan (MNN) -- Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News and Jeff Johnston of Asian Access discuss the Mt. Ontake volcanic eruption in Japan.

    Listen to the interview... (6 mins.)

  • Housing & nuclear challenges still plaguing Japan


    Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News speaking with Joe Handley about Japan’s state after 3 years following the triple disaster. 179,000+ people still remain in some form of temporary housing, even though the government had planned to move them out after two years. Some of these temporary buildings are now deteriorating. Joe also talks about...

    Listen to the interview...

  • Triple disaster effects linger in Japan

    jpn-temp-housing-2Japan (MNN) — It’s been about three and a half years since the triple disaster–earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster–hit Japan and devastated hundreds of thousands. (Refresh your memory here). We spoke to Joe Handley of Asian Access about what Japan looks like in light of these disasters still today. He says, generally, “Things are much better in terms of infrastructure. The biggest problem that persists, though, is...

  • Typhoon pounds Japanese Islands

    (Image courtesy NASA)Japan (MNN) — Typhoon Neoguri was downgraded from “super typhoon” status but still socked Japan with a powerful punch.

    Neoguri (which means raccoon in Korean) left a destructive trail throughout the Okinawa island chain with strong winds, heavy rain, and large waves. Even so, Takeshi Takazawa with Asian Accesssays, “We are...

  • The Harvest is Plentiful... The Workers? - How about You?

    BaptismLast week I had the privilege of visiting Pastor Cho from the Ochakko Tea House in Ishinomaki. This is the relief project center started by Hongodai Christian Fellowship from Yokohama, Japan. Over the last three years they have seen 30 people come to Christ and baptized which is quite a remarkable story. Pastor Cho, who is a Korean missionary assigned by the Hongodai Church to plant a church in this center shared with me that he recently baptized two people and that he has a faith goal of baptizing 20 more people in 2014. That’s an impressive step of faith!

    I asked him if things were different since the tsunami, and he shared that...

  • Takeshi Takazawa's Progress Update at the 3rd Anniversary

    Takeshi TakazawaThree years after a devastating earthquake/tsunami, hope remains. At the three-year mark of the Great NE Japan Disaster, listen to Takeshi Takazawa share a progress update and some stories of hope...

  • Hope remains in disaster zones

    Hope remains in disaster zonesJapan (MNN) — It’s been three years since a devastating tsunami and corresponding nuclear crisis hit northern Japan. Survivors are still struggling today, but Takeshi Takazawa of Asian Access (A2) says hope remains.

    “We have seen many, many people becoming Christians. They have seen the tangible love, and they’re responding to...

  • Third anniversary of The Great NE Japan Disaster

    Pastor Akira and Chieko SatoToday marks the 3rd Anniversary of Great NE Japan Disaster

    It’s been three arduous years since the triple disaster of 3.11.11. Here are several sign posts from Asian Access on the road following this horrific experience, ranging from reports to reflections...

  • 30 New Followers of Jesus... and an IMPOSSIBLE Vision for Japan!

    Pastor Keishi IkedaYesterday I heard a report that simply blew me away…

    As I was traveling with Pastor Keishi Ikeda from Hongodai Christ Church in Yokohama, he shared with me two powerful stories...

    Occhako House

    Since the inception of a tea house "Ochakko House," started by his church in Ishinomaki after the triple disaster of March 11, 2011, 30 people have come to know Christ as their savior. Two of them were baptized this past fall...



  • 7.3 quake strikes off coast of Fukushima over weekend

    Japan (MNN) ― A 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook Japan early Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.Asian Access president Joe Handley says, "The earthquake hit: it was a strong shake. Everyone felt it all the way down to Tokyo. But the impact was negligible for the most part."

    The quake was off the Fukushima region of Japan and triggered...

  • Mission Network News Interview - Joe Handley - Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    joe-handley-bwMNN's Ruth Kramer interviews Asian Access' president Joe Handley about the 7.3 quake in Japan this past weekend.

    Size: 5.82 Mb
  • Japan Disaster Relief Review & Update

    jteams-disaster-niA Comprehensive List of Projects Supported Through Asian Access ReliefFall 2013
    On behalf of the Japanese people, we want to thank you for giving toward Disaster Relief in Japan. Your gifts were invested in the following projects:

    Immediate Disaster Relief | Summer Relief Teams | Missionary Deployment into Disasater Zone | Oasis Pastor Retreats | Pastor's...

  • Grateful for All Disaster Relief Projects in Japan

    jteams-disaster servinglineThank you for your generous support and prayers to bring hope and healing to the nation of Japan the last few years following the horrific tragedy of March 11, 2011. Through your partnership, we are seeing a tremendous outpouring of spiritual responses... responses like I have never seen before in Japan. It is clearly a kairos moment for the people of Japan!

    I want to alert you to our recent summary of all the disaster relief projects you have invested in to help make this a reality...

  • Japan lashed by deadly Typhoon Wipha

    wiphaaccuweather.pngJapan (MNN) ― When Typhoon Wipha took aim at Japan's Fukushima region, people worried. No one has forgotten that the area suffered severe damage in the 2011 quake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. Meteorologists branded the monster storm as a "once in a decade event."

    Today, there's a collective sigh of...

  • Hope, dignity, and love rise out of the ruins of Japan's tsunami


    Beauty from brokenness out of Japan

    Japan (MNN) ― It has been more than two years since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

    International attention has since shifted focus to other more immediate disasters, but memory of the devastation by a three-fold horror remains a daily reminder in Ishinomaki, Japan,


  • Nozomi Project: beauty in brokenness

    nozomi-project-logo  Nozomi Project started in 2012 as a response to Japan's terrible tsunami in 2011. And through this creative ministry, God is making something beautiful in brokenness. Sue Takamoto of Asian Access, through Be One Network, launched Nozomi Project (or "Hope" Project) to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Using broken shards of ceramic pottery, these workers create beautiful pieces of jewelry—not only as a way to make sustainable income, but more importantly to put their lives back together. The waves ruthlessly took away their loved ones, their homes and their hope; Nozomi Project is gracefully helping these women put the pieces back together... {addthis off}

  • House Chapels Started by Pastor in Disaster Zone


    The last few weeks, I have been powerfully struck by hearing several amazing stories of what God is doing across Asia through leader development alumni of Asian Access. As you have heard, the triple disaster that hit Japan two years ago brought about a spiritual hunger like I have never seen before there.

    I have heard many firsthand stories from Japanese people who have had dreams and visions about Jesus—similar to the Muslim world. People are coming to Christ in handfuls because of their spiritual searching. Often God leads them to talk with pastors and missionaries in surprising and miraculous ways.

    Let me tell you about Pastor Ichio Kishinami, an alumnus of A2’s leader development program...

  • 33 house chapels started by Pastor Kishinami in Japan's tsunami zone

    Rev. Hiroshi Kawasaki shares a story of his friend, Pastor Ichio Kishinami, who serves with Miyagi Mission Network among tsunami victims. He listens to victim's stories, gathers them together and teaches them how to pray to Jesus.

    The seeds for church planting are phenomenal. Pastor Kishinami has now established...

  • Japan: Post-Disaster Prayer Requests


    The 2011 triple disaster of a 9.0 earthquake, flattening tsunami waves and a nuclear meltdown galvanized the church in Japan.  Many local observers said that they had never experienced the church working together like this in their lifetime. Not only did it wake up the church internally, it also brought an international prayer and relief focus for the country that had not been seen since the end of World War II.

    Traditional models and methodologies...


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