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  • Christians respond as Indonesia hit by back-to-back disasters

    Indonesia (MNN) — The search for survivors continues today in West Sulawesi, Indonesia. “[A] 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit West Sulawesi on January 15; 81 people die[d] and more than 1,000 houses [were] damaged,” Asian Access leader Juserdi* says.

  • Vamco sends Philippines into state of calamity

    The header image shows the effects of Vamco flooding in the Philippines. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)Philippines (MNN) — In the aftermath of Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses), the Philippines province of Cagayan has seen its worst flooding in four decades. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the main island, Luzon, under a state of calamity. So far, flooding and mudslides have killed over 70 and displaced some 280,000 people. Eniong Hilario with Asian Access in the Philippines says, “Typhoon Ulysses came on the heels of one of the strongest typhoons, Typhoon Rolly.  The government prepared for...

  • Vamco batters Philippines; believers need help

    Typhoon VamcoSupport Filipino leaders responding to multiple disasters.

    Philippines (MNN) — Typhoon Vamco is the 21st named storm to hit the Philippines this year. The archipelago typically sees 20 tropical storms and typhoons each season, the Associated Press reports. Vamco dumped record-breaking rainfall on Manila before heading to Vietnam. Filipino believers respond to disasters quickly, offering physical help and the hope of Christ, but they’re running out of options. “The evangelical body, headed by [the] Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, have been responding but if...

  • Filipino churches offer aid as Goni heads to Vietnam

    Header image depicts Super Typhoon Goni, which made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 310 kilometers (195 miles) per hour near its center. (Photo credit: NASA)Philippines (MNN) — Super Typhoon Goni is on its way to Vietnam today after leaving the Philippines in pieces. Forecasters expect Goni to make landfall tomorrow in central Vietnam. Herman Moldez of Asian Access says the Lord intervened. “In the forecast, metro Manila [was] part of the direct hit of the typhoon. But somehow it changed for us,” he describes...

  • Earthquake rocks Turkey and Greece

    The header image shows a collapsed building in Izmir after the earthquake. (ApChrKey, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons)Turkey (MNN) — Turkey is still pulling people out of the rubble from a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the Aegean Sea last Friday. Early on Monday, a 3-year-old girl was rescued after being trapped for 65 hours. The quake affected Both Turkey and the island of Samos in Greece, and so far, more than 90 deaths have been confirmed. Several hundred have been injured, many buildings collapsed, and streets were flooded in a mini tsunami...

  • Praying: For Healing and Revival of our Nations

    screenshot of prayer meetingLast night our global community met for our monthly prayer gathering and I was so impressed as we prayed through the passage listed below from the prophet Joel. While our world has been through so much, Pastor K reminded us that we have been meeting repenting and praying, seeking the Lord’s direction. He challenged us that now is the time to pray for the healing of our nations from the pandemic and for revival. So, we prayed and the prayers were...

  • Flooding in Cambodia compounds pandemic problems

    cambodia, unsplashCambodia (MNN) — Cambodia has faced widespread flooding throughout the month of October, and as the water recedes, the country must find ways to cope with the destruction. Tens of thousands of households have been affected by this disaster, leaving homes and property severely damaged. Joe Handley of Asian Access says those connected with the ministry have reported a great deal of destruction.“ I’m hearing firsthand reports [from] alumni of Asian Access. I’ve seen pictures of them floating in the water, with rivers going down a normal street where the water [was] so high, it would be above the level of a normal motorcycle...

  • Global Disaster Relief Fund

    globalrelieffund 800x450a

    Bringing compassion to those experiencing disaster...

    From volcanic eruptions in Indonesia to flooding in Bangladesh to earthquakes in Nepal to typhoons in Cambodia and tsunamis in Japan, there are many needs. This is a collective fund that directs aid to areas of greatest need.

  • Cyclone Amphan crashes into India and Bangladesh

    A satellite image showing the Sundarbans. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)Bangladesh (MNN) Yesterday, Cyclone Amphan made landfall in West Bengal, India, near the border of Bangladesh. The storm originated in the Bay of Bengal and was the strongest storm ever recorded in those waters. Before making landfall, the storm dissipated slightly to the equivalent of a category 2 hurricane. The storm first landed at the Sundarbans, a forest reserve that sits on the border of India and Bangladesh and is home to 96 protected tigers. With 165 mph winds and 16-foot waves at landfall, Amphan damaged many old and poorly constructed buildings...

  • Nozomi Project founder reflects at 9th anniversary of disaster

    joe interviews sueSue Takamoto shares the story in an interview with Joe Handley

    Nozomi Project started in 2012 as a response to Japan's terrible tsunami in 2011. And through this creative ministry, God is making something beautiful in brokenness. Sue Takamoto of Asian Access, through Be One Network, launched Nozomi Project (or "Hope" Project) to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Using broken shards of ceramic pottery, these workers create beautiful pieces of jewelry—not only as a way to make sustainable income, but more importantly to put their lives back together. The waves ruthlessly took away their loved ones, their homes and their hope; Nozomi Project is gracefully helping these women put the pieces back together... {addthis off}

  • Taal volcano poses ongoing threat; believers offer help, hope

    taal volcano eruptionPhilippines (MNN) — Tremblors continue to rock the Philippines today following Sunday’s volcanic eruption south of Manila. According to government officials, 423 volcanic earthquakes were recorded in the Taal region as of 10 pm local time last night. See the latest updates here. Pastor Eniong Hilario with Asian Access says the Taal Volcano is within sight of a center they often use for training and retreats. “During the eruption, there was a lot of ashfall, and it reached our place where we live,” he says. “When we woke up it was very..." {addthis off}

  • Updates from Indonesia's double disaster

    earthquake mapA2 President Joe Handley discusses Indonesia double disaster

    Indonesia (MNN) — Joe Handley of Asian Access shares information they received from pastors responding to Indonesia’s recent earthquake and tsunami:

    • The earthquake created liquefaction or like quicksand effect in the soil
    • For first responder aid (up to 6 months), we recommend agencies such as International aid agencies
    • such as World Vision and World Relief (especially Lutheran World Relief)
    • Asian Access' strategy is to provide long-term presence, coming alongside pastors and leaders, empowering and equipping them to respond over the long haul.
    • Right now people need blankets, food, supplies for those who have lost everything.
    • importance of the presence of Christ-followers to meet needs and listening to people's stories and pray for them.

    Listen to the interview...


  • Sulawesi rocked by third disaster in six days

    Indonesia (MNN) — The hits just keep on coming for Indonesia. A volcano erupted yesterday on Sulawesi, the same island rocked on Friday by an earthquake-tsunami combo. As described here, a massive explosion of ash blast more than 19,700 feet into the sky from Mount Soputan – one of Sulawesi’s most active volcanoes. Experts tell the Associated Press there’s no concrete evidence linking Soputan’s activity with the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on September 28, but the disasters could be connected. Thankfully, the ash explosion isn’t...

  • Historic flooding hits Eastern Japan in the wake of Tropical Storm 18

    (Screen capture courtesy TV Tokyo)Japan (MNN) -- Japan is coping with a one-two Tropical Storm punch. On the heels of a record heatwave came Typhoon Goni. A couple of weeks later, it was Tropical Storm 18, or Etau. The resulting floods triggered landslides, but they also triggered bad memories, says Asian Access Asia Director of Development, Sterling Miller“More traumatically, f...

  • Pray for Japan after Tropical Storm Etau

    145 etau2015 twc-croppedPray for Japan following the Tropical Storm Etau which pounded Japan's eastern coastline this past weekend. These are things to remember in prayer: 1.) Pray for our partner local churches in all the places Etau has hit. They are consistently serving the disaster area. Asian Access' role is to help empower these local churches to minister effectively. 2.) Pray for people in Fukushima.Etau hit Fukushima, site of the nuclear reactor damaged in 2011 by the tsunami. Decontamination efforts are continuing and water has been put into sealed containers, so that no more radiation leakage would occur. In spite of the effort, there are about 70,000 people still not been able to go back home. There is still a strong focus on ministering to those people still living in temporary housing. Asian Access is coming along side churches...

  • Healing continues for Japan

    Healing continues for JapanJapan (MNN) -- It's been four years since the East Japan earthquake and tsunami shattered the country. 250,000 people are still displaced. Radiation contamination from the nuclear disaster means some of these survivors will never go home again. Takeshi Takazawa with Asian Access says the debris was cleaned up, but the spiritual and emotional...

  • Triple disaster in Japan remembered

    Triple disaster in Japan rememberedJapan (MNN) -- Yesterday marked four years since Japan saw the worst triple disaster in the nation's peace-time history. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant meltdown killed nearly 16,000 people. The country remembered with a moment of silence, while Asia Access remembered the day with a time of prayer. Would you continue...

  • A Day I'll Never Forget!

    tsunami-devastationFour years ago today, Silk and I were in Karuizawa, Japan with most of our Japan staff and Asian Access/Japan National Leadership. It is a day that I will never forget. That afternoon, while sitting in the Megumi Chalet chapel, the 9.1 earthquake hit. Being well acquainted with earthquakes growing up in Southern California, at first I wasn't concerned. But, as the earthquake kept going minute by minute and getting stronger by the moment, I began to worry. Soon, we evacuated the building and then learned about the terrible devastation that struck...

  • Call to Prayer at the 4th Anniversary

    tsunami japan 2011 03 11Tomorrow we will commemorate the fourth anniversary of the triple disaster. It is a very somber time for the community and for the nation. Please pray with us. Pray that we can listen well; that we can walk with people well through this time. We will be praying for 24 hours through the fourth anniversary and your prayers are appreciated as well!

    A friend shared this passage, which I have always loved:

    2 Corinthians 1:8-11 New International Version (NIV) "We do not want you to be uninformed,...

  • Typhoon Phanfone compounds disaster in Japan

    Typhoon Phanfone compounds disaster in Japan

    Japan (MNN) — Barely a week after the volcanic eruption on Mt. Ontake, Japan was hit again early Monday morning, this time with Typhoon Phanfone.

    President of Asian Access Joe Handley asks for prayers for Japan. While Asian Access does not have personnel near Mt. Ontake...