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  • The World Is Changing Fast. Are You Ready For A Seismic Shift in the Way You Lead?

    Polycentric Mission Leadership

    Toward A New Model for Global Leadership

    The world went through some monumental shifts during my tenure in mission leadership. While many had been talking about partnership and collaboration, as well as paternalism and colonialism for many years, it was during early in my 30 years of ministry that major changes were burgeoning in many ways. Of course, the last few years this has accelerated on many fronts making these issues of critical importance.

  • Mission Visionary’s New Book Calls For Global ‘Leadership Shake-Up’

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    September 1, 2022

    Stephen Reed @ 843-964-9339
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    Mission Visionary’s New Book Calls For Global ‘Leadership Shake-Up’

    Asian Access’ Handley spotlights ‘polycentric,’ inclusive leadership model for missions, nonprofits, businesses

    ARTESIA, Calif. — A California-based mission leader with a vision to shake up the way Christian mission agencies, churches and businesses create their leadership strategies has released a new book on the topic.

  • John Houlette's 'Resilience' receives Christian counseling award

    John Houlette pictured with 2021 winner, Rev. Nobuyuki Toyoda, pastor of New Life Christ Church in Osaka and a graduate of Asian Access (left) and with Dr. Akira Fujikake (right), founder of the award.

    On July 22, Asian Access missionary Dr. John Houlette received the Office Fujikake Award for the Japanese version of his book, Resilience: How Japanese Pastors Can Thrive in Every Season. The award is given annually to a new book in Christian counseling by Dr. Akira Fujikake, clinical psychologist, and visiting Professor at the Seigakuin University General Research Institute.

  • CYBER WEEK DEAL: 1/3 OFF Eastern Voices, Vol. 1

    A2 EV1 CyberMonday 1600x900

    Cyber Week Special Purchase

    Today, we are offering 1/3 off our series, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words.

    Order your copy from Amazon today at a discount of 33.3%, whether in print or e-book format...

  • Resilience

    resilience book

    My colleague John Houlette just completed an outstanding book for Japanese pastors. And, the principles and stories are ones that will help you thrive in every season.

  • A Hybrid World

    A Hybrid World bookcover thumbI was honored to be asked to review a new book that’s out that I believe is an important contribution to our ever-evolving world. This new book, A Hybrid World: Diaspora, Hybridity, and MissioDei. edited by Sadiri Joy Tira and Julie Lee Uytanlet, was developed at the Lausanne Movement and Global Diaspora Network consultation: Hybridity, Diaspora, and Missio Dei: Exploring New Horizons, hosted at the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, June 2018. The reason I believe this book is so important is that our world is getting smaller and smaller, day by day. The impact of migration, globalization and the intermixing of peoples is pivotal to our capacity to reach the world for Christ in this day and age. I am convinced this reality will grow even more important in the years to come...

  • Make plans that outlive your life

    “Is this a tragedy?” John Piper asked an audience of 50,000 young people when he spoke of two 80-year-old ladies, Ruby a nurse and Laura a retired doctor, who were killed instantly when their car went over a cliff in the Cameroons, where they were serving as missionaries. I continued to watch the video of John Piper where he said, “What happened to these two ladies was no tragedy. But this is a tragedy.” And then he told the story from a Readers’ Digest article about a couple aged 59 and 61, who took early retirement to live in a coastal development in Florida, USA to spend their time cruising on their trawler, playing softball and collecting seashells. And John Piper challenged his... {addthis off}

  • Shaping Your Culture

    potter in actionBy what you create or what you tolerate

    I was recently reminded of the valuable responsibility leaders have in shaping the culture of their organisation. They can shape their culture intentionally, or they can shape their culture by default. This important lesson was brought home to me when I listened to a presentation by Danny Meyer, the CEO of a restaurant chain in America called Shake Shack. He spoke of how he chose to define the way he would shape the culture of his restaurant by “shaping the way that people would feel when they dined in one of the Shake Shack restaurants.”... {addthis off}

  • Discovering the Joy of Parenting

    Barbara 19.03.17 500x750pxI often speak with parents about the challenges of parenting and hear stories of the aches and pains people face or simply the frustrations of raising kids. How encouraging to know that Asian Access missionary Barbara Bauman, with help from her husband Gary, has updated her outstanding book Discovering the Joy of Parenting. I can’t wait to get a copy! The original book has been a lifesaver and game changer for many Japanese and Mongolian families around the world. It’s been available as a bilingual Japanese and English text since 2002, and in Mongolian since 2012. I’ve heard stories of... {addthis off}

  • The Little / BIG Principle...

    A basic building block in making disciples

    building blocks 2x

    It was John Maxwell who brought to my attention the fact that experience is not the best teacher. Otherwise, everybody would be getting better and more mature as they grow older. Rather, evaluated experience is the best teacher. Evaluated experience is the experience that is reflected upon and where lessons are learned and growth in maturity follows. As I have taken time to reflect on... {addthis off}

  • Leaders Are Readers:

    dentons and j oswald sanders 600pxRead to have fellowship with great minds

    John Wesley knew the importance of reading good books when he exhorted the younger ministers of the Wesleyan Society to “either read or get out of the ministry.” Obviously, Wesley had a passion for reading in the midst of a very busy life. Most of his reading was done on horseback. Often he rode 80 kilometres (50 miles) and sometimes 145 kilometres (90 miles) in a day. His habit was to ride with a volume of science or history or medicine propped on his saddle. In the process, he consumed thousands of books. Great leaders have almost always been great readers. The apostle Paul chained like a common criminal in a cold Roman dungeon, with his work done and his life nearly at an end, could still write to Timothy... {addthis off}

  • EV11.6: Asian Access contributing to breaking down discrimination [Jeyakaran]

    S1.6 N3.6 jj 76From Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words... Here's final part 6 in a series from Pastor Jeyakaran...

    EV11.6: Asian Access contributing to breaking down discrimination

    Pastor Jeyakaran describes how sharing the pro-empowerment story of Powerhouse Church has challenged dozens of Indian pastors to change their perspectives and practices in terms of the priesthood of all believers, leaving behind the caste, skin color, and gender prejudices of centuries.

  • EV11.5 Church members carrying kingdom values wherever they go [Jeyakaran]

    taking values globallyFrom Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words... Here's part 5 in a series from Pastor Jeyakaran...

    EV11.5 Church members carrying kingdom values wherever they go

    Jeyakaran shares how a small network of five churches in Chennai, India, has birthed a growing national movement of emerging leaders who are bringing a radical message of God's equal love for all people, regardless of caste, skin color, or gender....

  • EV11.4 Asian church combats discrimination against women [Jeyakaran]

    A2 com equal sign loading bar jsj

    From Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words... Here's part 4 in a series from Pastor Jeyakaran...

    EV11.4: Asian Church combats discrimination against women

    Pastor Jeyakaran shares how Powerhouse Church tackled the issue of full empowerment for leadership for both men and women the simple way—by releasing women as well as men into all roles of leadership in the church. Jeyakaran reflected, “God wanted us to champion the cause of releasing women into all positions of leadership the church." This has not been without controversy. He shared, “We know there is a big debate...

  • EV11.3 Asian Church breaks down discrimination of caste and colour [Jeyakaran]

    dark is beautiful 1 500px

    From Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words... Here's part 3 in a series from Pastor Jeyakaran...

    EV11.3: Asian Church breaks down discrimination of caste and colour

    Pastor Jeyakaran shares how Powerhouse Church has applied their commitment to the equality of all persons — regardless of caste, colour, or gender — to impact the prejudices prevalent in the Indian Church...

  • EV11.2 Scripture compels Church to fight discrimination

    cross walk 500px

    From Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words...

    Here's part 2 from Pastor Jeyakaran...

    EV11.2: Scripture compels Church to fight discrimination

    Pastor Jeyakaran asserts that in the heart of God is equality and justice. Therefore his newly planted church decided to take on discrimination based upon Scripture's teaching that people are...

  • Eastern Voices: Meet Jeyakaran, Breaking Through The Barriers


    From Asian Access' series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words,we'd like you to meet Jeyakaran...

    EV11.1: Is the Church mirroring culture or transforming it?

    Pastor Jeyakaran shares the shocking reality of how the Church in his country has embraced the prevailing prejudices of his culture: caste, gender, and skin color, and how this has crippled the advance of the Gospel in his country. From Eastern Voices, Vol. 1 "Breaking Through The Barriers" (chp 11)

  • Review: Eastern Voices a uniquely Asian perspective

    carlton bruce 300x300pxHere is a review of Eastern Voices, Volume 1 offered by R. Bruce Carlton that appeared in Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ). We are posting this review on our site with permission from EMQ.

    A Review by R. Bruce Carlton, D.Th.

    Professor of Cross-Cultural Ministry, Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK.

    Can you hear the voices? This question being asked of the global Christian community regarding those who are church leaders from Asia is similar to a popular US- based cellular phone company that was once noted for its “Can you hear me now?” advertising campaign. Both questions presuppose that the ones seeking to speak face difficulty in being heard and understood. Eastern Voices: Volume 1 is the first volume in what is to be a series of compilations from Asian church leaders speaking to the global church, leaders who...

  • Happy New Year - 2018 - from Joe!

    EV1 final title slide 2017 04 25 flat 700pxHey it's been an awesome year with Asian Access this past year as we've celebrated 50 years of ministry. We have had so much fun and seen amazing growth. And one of the exciting initiatives from this past year, we have released this new copy of Eastern Voices, which starts a series that we're really excited about. We believe the global Church can learn from those in Asia, who have a lot to share with us. You should see the reviews we are getting on smile.amazon.com. Why don't you go there, download a copy, and read a couple chapters. Check it out and give us a review. Tell us what you think. So far the reviews are amazing. And we'd love to hear what you have to share, as well...

  • Eastern Voices: Meet Meng, Lead Like Jesus

    A2 50th Day3 meng and radyAsian Access has released a brand new series called, Eastern Voices: Insight, Perspective, and Vision from Kingdom Leaders in Asia In Their Own Words. We'd like you to meet Meng...

    A Trans-Cultural Look at Christian Leadership

    Do we lead like Jesus? (2:55)

    Meng Aun Hour says that many people use their own power to control or hurt others. He kept asking himself, “What about me? What about my leadership style? Do I lead like the leaders of Cambodia, or do I lead like Jesus?” Studying...

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