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Annie Radinsky


Annie Radinsky

Serving as Missional Partner Associate

Bio: Annie Radinsky

Background Information:

I was born and raised in Southern California in a church that has a strong global vision. When I was a senior in high school, I realized that I wanted nothing else than to spend my life in global ministry. I started praying, asking questions, and exploring what that could potentially look like in my life and after a few short-term trips to various countries, I started praying for a specific country, and the Lord impressed Japan on my heart. Before spending 10 weeks in Japan in 2017, I wrote a list of 10 prayers and asked God to answer all of them if He was leading to Japan for future ministry - He answered all 10 prayers and so here I am! (it definitely wasn’t a completely smooth journey between 2017 and today…i.e. the coronavirus, among other things, but He leads in His sovereign time :) ) 

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associate since 2020

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Advice to Potential Missionaries

If you are sensing that God may be calling you into cross-cultural ministry, be willing to explore and do things outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to be uncomfortable and also pray, pray, pray. Ask God specific and bold questions. Sometimes things take longer than we expect, but Jesus isn’t surprised by anything and is always growing us if we are willing to grow. 

Fun Cultural Story

When I was in Japan for my first time, I was living at a seminary where we worked together after meals to clean up and make sure everything was put away properly. I was putting some sugar away and got a little prideful and didn’t ask for help translating the kanji on the containers…and ended up ruining an entire container of salt. Don’t pretend you know something if you know that you don’t!

When in Japan, be sure to...

...go to onsen (hot springs) and be prepared to eat lots of fiber to help digest the delicious rice, of which you will eat lots ;)

radinsky annie 2019Lessons Learned in Ministry

It’s really so beneficial to ask for help when you don’t know how to do something. While working in youth ministry for six years, learning to ask for help was crucial for not only the growth of my students, but also for my own personal and leadership growth. I’ve also learned that sometimes the fruit of ministry may not be visible until years later, but that doesn’t mean that God wasn’t working in the present. Also, some of the greatest transformations I witnessed came after difficult and seemingly hopeless situations - but with Jesus, nothing is ever hopeless.

Hopes for the Future

I want to see at least some of what God has planned for Japan! That His name will be known by every person there.


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Why A2?

Why are you serving with Asian Access?

My home church has a great relationship with A2, so I’ve been exposed to them for most of my life. However, when I was seriously searching for an organization, I researched and interacted with several other organizations but kept coming back to A2. I love the vision and heart of A2 to partner with the Japanese church in order to reach the Japanese people.

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