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Country Profile: Japan

A Closer Look at... Japan
spacer-transp Japan (Nihon)
  Four main islands and 3,000 small islands;
only 13% of all land can be cultivated
  377,835 sq km / 145,882 sq miles
  Approximately the same size as California
  Tokyo (12.275 million)


  100% (age 15+ and can read and write)

Buddhist/Shinto - 70%
New Religions - 25%
Non-religious - 4%

Christians - 1%

  Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy
  Per capita income = US$ 38,160 per year
  Yen (¥)
  GMT/UTC +9
  7,765 Protestant churches
  1 Protestant church for every 16,288 people
  Statistics provided by a variety of sources, but mostly the U.S. State Department, the U.N. Statistics Division, and BBC News.

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Prayercast: A Prayer for Japan

Video used by permission from Prayercast [https://prayercast.com/] a service of OneWay Ministries


The Need in Japan

Japan has been, and remains, one of the most orderly and admirable societies in the world. However, Japan is also at a point in its history where it is experiencing unprecedented social upheaval, which creates anxiety and uncertainty throughout the culture. Every segment of the population is impacted.

Country Description

A Window Seat on a Bullet Train in Japan

Read this fun, yet insightful, travelogue account of Japan from the eyes of a first-time visitor...

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Emperor's Castle

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24 October 2021

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