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rob-martin-headshot"If you want to change a country through strengthening the church, look at Asian Access. They do it right!"

Rob Martin
Former Executive Director, First Fruit Foundation


Asian Access is developing leaders in these societal spheres or sectors:

  • CHURCH - pastors and church leaders
  • BUSINESS - entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketplace leaders (See
  • FAMILY - focusing on improving the marriages and families of leaders
  • WOMEN - women in ministry
  • YOUNG PROFESSIONALS - emerging leaders between ages 25-35.

There are more invitations to start developing leaders in new areas of societal influence, so pray we would have wisdom in pursuing open doors in these sectors:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Government
  • Health & Medicine
  • Media & Communications


Various Levels of Impact on Leaders

We want to see deep impact from our investment in leaders on these four different levels. 

1. Christlike LEADERS

Asian Access' primary customers are Asian leaders, whether they are pastors of local churches or CEOs in the marketplace. As we focus on that leader demographic in Asia, we want to each leader to be growing in Christlikeness. We urge each leader to nurture their own love relationship with God; this produces character and being molded into Christ's image. This change is internal, starting within each individual. But then change moves outward. It's more than simply growing personally in isolation. As a result of participating in the A2 Leader Development program, we want graduates to be more Christlike leaders, too. Because they are positive role models, this affects everyone in each leader's circle of influence. With expanding influence and more transformed leaders, we are seeing sustained momentum in each location A2 operates.


As alluded above, we do not develop leaders within a vacuum—they are developed within an A2 learning community. There is a huge upside to linking pastors or marketplace leaders with one another. Within each cohort itself, we see a vibrant community emerge. Each class of 12-15 leaders becomes a tight-knit and safe community, which serves as a catalyst for the transformational process in each leader's life. And certainly, at the core, each leader is a part of their own community outside the cohort—their local church—which begins enjoying the benefits of a transformed leader. Furthermore, linking pastors and business leaders and churches together in their own cities, regions, countries and across the continent of Asia brings increasing momentum. This vibrant community contributes to the unity of Christ's body in the world. This is deeply satisfying work.  

3. Collaborative CHURCH NETWORKS

A third ministry sphere Asian Access attempts to impact is on the network level. Leaders collaborate with leaders, and their churches and businesses collaborate with one another, too. For example, this is how we've deployed our church multiplication strategy in Japan through 3-5 churches in a network that each try to plant a church simultaneously. Across Asia, we see that churches partnering with other churches contribute to kingdom growth. As a result of participating in the A2 Leader Development program, each participant becomes more kingdom-minded. In this way, A2 focuses on changing the few who change the many.

4. Transformed COUNTRIES

Asian Access seeks to extend the transforming power of the Gospel across Asia. But we cannot really do this on our own. However, we try to contribute on the macro scale by concentrating on the first three ministry spheres. Doing so creates the environment for large-scale transformation. Leaders change the churches; changed congregations change communities. Changed communities can transform societies and even countries. In other words, "Changing the few who change the many."

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