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Stu & Hilary Lynch


Stu & Hilary Lynch

Serving in Birmingham, England
with ReachGlobal

Bio: Stu & Hilary Lynch

Multiplying transformational churches among unreached people groups in the UK and beyond

Stu and Hilary Lynch have served with Asian Access since 1989. They were based in Japan for almost 18 years, helping strengthen and start churches there. They were based in Singapore for another five years, resourcing pastors in Southeast Asia to foster leadership training. Since 2013 they have lived in Birmingham, UK, where they are working in a multi-faith community to restart a church and helping equip and inspire church planters and leaders in Birmingham and beyond. Their ministry focus is on helping foster deeper spiritual formation, healthy life rhythms, and faithful environmental stewardship among church planters and leaders. They have four grown children who live in the US and UK.

Clear sense of God’s preparation

  • Seven years starting churches in Japan
  • Ten years equipping pastors in Southeast Asia
  • Two years training global missionaries in the UK

Unmistakable calling to the strategic, world-class city of Birmingham (UK)

  • Youngest city in Europe (under 25s about 40% of population), which offers opportunity to reach the next generation with hope, peace, and purpose
  • UK’s 2nd largest city after London—small enough to start a movement, but large enough to have significant influence in the UK and beyond
  • God already at work in a cooperative atmosphere among churches and mission agencies
  • Great need & opportunity to multiply multi-ethnic churches among unreached ethnic & religious minorities (25% of population Asian Muslim)
  • Key time and place in light of Brexit for training and modeling of how to bridge social, ethnic, and cultural divisions

Strong connection with our ReachGlobal team

  • Creative and collaborative approach to ministry
  • Engaging over a dozen unreached people groups
  • Vision for multiplying multi-ethnic churches in the city
  • Strategic thinking, spiritual depth, enjoyable teamwork J 

Convergence of our ministry gifts and experience

  • Strategic planning & vision casting
  • Coaching, equipping, and mentoring
  • Resource development (including the EPIC Bible Story App, coming really soon!)
  • Modeling and equipping for missional living for local Christians, church planters, and new overseas missionaries in some of the neediest areas in the UK

Call to go the distance

  • Over 50 years (combined) ministering in Japan, Singapore, and England
  • Clear calling to help multiply transformational gospel communities across Birmingham
  • Desire to equip, empower, and invest in new leaders who are interested in cross-cultural ministry, especial to Muslims
  • Many fruitful years of ministry lie ahead of us (we hope J)

We really appreciate all our faithful ministry partner! We couldn’t do what we do without you standing behind us in prayer, finances, and much more. May God richly bless you for partnership and encouragement!


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"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps."
— Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

In our hearts, we were confident that God was calling us to serve him in Japan. But we couldn’t do it without a significant team of supporters behind us with faithful prayers and financial gifts. It was hard to imagine how he would do it. It was 2016. Josh and I hoped to be in Japan within a year, but God had other plans.

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Why A2?

Why are we serving with Asian Access?

In a nutshell, Stu and Hilary were drawn to Asian Access because of its relatively small size and family atmosphere among the mission team. In addition we were impressed by the caliber of the people in the mission and also by a sense of innovation and responsiveness to what God is doing in Asia. Even though we are currently on loan to ReachGlobal, we remain very much committed to the A2 vision and continue to collaborate in every possible way.

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