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Bangladesh (MNN) — Christians make up just 0.3 percent of the population of Bangladesh. And it’s difficult for that number to grow.


Peter Mazumder is the national director of Asian Access in Bangladesh. He says sharing the Gospel is constitutionally protected in Bangladesh, but it still often brings persecution, especially from Muslim groups.

“Over the last three years, 11,300 Christians have been displaced from their houses. Fundamentalist groups will even burn the houses.”

Police have watched many of these attacks but did nothing to stop them. “This is a common phenomenon,” Mazumder says. “When people come to the Lord out of the Muslim majority background, they are not welcomed. And they are just kicked out from their families.”

Asian Access also works among the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Over 1 million people live in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. Mazumder says only 62 have been identified as Christians. “They like to worship in their camp, but it is really tough. Some people burned their camp houses.”


After people begin following Jesus, the work is not finished. Asian Access works to provide nurturing and discipleship after the baptism.

Mazumder says, “We train new believers from Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds, including their children. We do Sunday School. We teach them from the Bible. They memorize the stories and perform dramas.”

Pray many unreached people in Bangladesh would hear the good news of Jesus and His love for all people. Ask God to especially protect Christians who come out of Muslim families.


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