Unrest in Myanmar through the decades

နိုင် ကြရန်အ လို့ ငှါ ဆုတောင်း ခြင်း ဖြင့် ပံ့ ပိုး ပေး ကြ ပါ ရန် အကူ အ ညီ တောင်း ခံ လိုပါ.သည်။. 
“We ask your help in praying for us!”

Every day I receive messages from Myanmar asking for prayers and seeking encouragement. I’ve spoken with government leaders who have pledged their support and many nations are doing their best to help the people.

Day after day, tragedy after tragedy, pastors keep doing their best to take the high road and shine the light of Christ in the midst of the challenge. They have to guard their homes all night long due to military and gangsters trying to take advantage or arresting their families.

Unrest in Myanmar through the decades
Unrest in Myanmar through the decades


I sense exhaustion in their voices so I persistently urge them to drink water and be sure to rest. Lately, they have expressed concern about the economic impact and so want to help their church members and neighbors in light of the devastating consequences.

The other day I was inspired by one of them. In the midst of all this pain and horrific tragedy, they are sharing the hope found only in Christ. Here’s what they said:

In the midst of political crisis, this coming weekend for three days, i am being invited to preach and teach about: 1.) the salvation of Jesus Christ; 2.) Christian life Please pray that many people will be save by the power of the Holy Spirit and they will be impacted to live their Christian life.”

myanmar prayer chatI’m encouraged by their commitment to Christ in the midst of warlike conditions. Even this morning, another wrote saying I just heard three bombings in Yangon city. Yet, my friends remain vigilant in prayer, waiting on God, as they try to encourage one another (see right).

As the script above says in Burmese, “We ask your help in praying for us!”

Will you join me in praying for them?

Thank you for walking together with them! We will share updates as we get them.

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