It’s been an interesting season for me lately and today was another reminder on the journey to rest. One of the devotionals I read is Skye Jethani’s WITH and today’s post was Rest is the Mark of a Free People

Perhaps my journey will help yours.

The Asian Access board recently did a full executive review with me and while I got high marks across the board on nearly every spectrum, they strongly encouraged me to rest. One of our board members stated the following in an email following our meetings: 

"I do feel strongly that the single biggest factor in the future of the mission is you being able to develop a governor that throttles your speed back by 25%. The ability to say no, because there will always be twice as many trips you SHOULD take than you possibly can. If you can pace yourself to do this for 10-20 more years with enthusiasm and rest (no more getting sick from your trips) and a close walk with God, I’m confident we will reach your challenging 10-year expansion goals." 

Then, these past few weeks as I apologized to our teams in Japan and our national directors for not modeling this core value of our mission, one of our VP’s suggested we needed to go into a season of spiritual warfare prayer because of all the health issues facing key leaders in our movement. 

We did just that this past week and the same theme arose:

We need to simply trust God and work less.

Thus, we show our dependency on the Lord and spend more time resting and enjoying his presence in our lives. 

One board member even stated:

“Joe, You know those monthly reports where you tell us the highlights of ministry and benchmarks we are making. How would it feel if you simply wrote us that you were sitting on a rock watching the hawks fly by?”

I had to confess that I couldn’t even imagine that. 

But, my pledge to our teams and our national directors is that I intend to model this better in the future. And, I’ve invited them to speak into my life and help me in this area.

Will you join us in praying that we can be a more restful movement? And, help us by sharing ways in which you practice God’s presence and rest. We’d love to learn from you!

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