An Update from Women in Ministry

New Year 2022

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As we usher in the Year of the Tiger, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Travel was limited, but expansion was not

With strict quarantine regulations in my country of residence, I was unable to travel for ministry purposes. All meetings and classes continued online on Zoom. Though we will always be better served to physically be present together, in some sense, the travel restrictions have allowed WIM to expand faster. Faster does not always mean better, but it does mean reaching more people and bringing them into a community of Christian growth when times seem desperate and dire, depending on the region.

I have been privileged to see transformation in the lives of people and this is remarkable to witness. For instance, almost all the women in our new cohort in India have never heard of 'Spiritual Formation.' At a time like the present, when many of us are indoors with increasing responsibilities in the confines of our home and on Zoom platform, what an opportunity it is for his servant leaders to deepen their wells. What a generous invitation from a Father who knows no limits! For any spiritual formation teacher, this is exciting.

Here are some recent recordings of the Spiritual Formation classes from our cohort in India:

  • Please pray for India and for these women leaders. 


Updates & Call to Prayer

woman in BangladeshWIM to Equip Leaders in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a new country into which WIM is set to expand this Spring. We're excited for the opportunity to help equip more leaders.

  • Please pray for the application and selection of denomination leaders as we plan to launch a class in March 2022.

Cohorts in Cambodia

At the close of 2021, we concluded our first classes in Cambodia with the God in the Midst series. Dr. Rajni Herman (from India) delivered a powerful presentation to the Cambodian cohort on God in Midst of Suffering and Crisis. This month, new classes in Cambodia will begin again.

  • Please pray for a good Cambodian translator to help serve along with us.


Tightening Restrictions in One Country

The most populous country in Asia is experiencing greater tightening and increased restrictions as the government holds enormous challenges related to an international winter sporting event, COVID cases, and several impending annual gatherings and conferences). These rising tensions have affected the Christian communities in this country.

  • Many churches are now meeting in small groups again.
  • There are warnings that online teaching on Zoom will be deemed as 'illegal' after March 1st.

Other mounting pressures and unverified stories of arrest and impending restrictions have placed stress and pressure on the believers. One leader is wondering if perhaps this is akin to the sifting of wheat. This is indeed a time of great testing in this country. May the Lord strengthen his people during this time. Please pray as WIM navigates through this as the women pastors' cohort is soon to begin this month.

Other classes in this country outside of that mentioned above have been put on hold for now.


WIM Website

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Please check out our new website:

On behalf of the WIM leadership team, thank you for your support and prayers for our work.

To God be the Glory!



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