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Meet Mike Hoisington, Asian Access faculty

As you may already know, the national leaders for Asian Access are volunteers. While Asian Access raises funds to help underwrite the direct expenses for the programs, the national leaders donate their time and efforts, which they contribute over and above their full-time ministry responsibilities.

What you may not know is that this is also true for Asian Access’ faculty. The men and women who invest in the lives of our leaders are also volunteers. They include veteran pastors, experienced missionaries, gifted community leaders who donate their time and talents to build into the lives of the Asian Access participants.

hoisington mike headshot sqOne such faculty member is Mike Hoisington. For nearly 20 years, he has taught for Asian Access in at least 10 Asian countries. “I’m not good with dates or locations,” Mike told me with a grin. “I think it’s 10 countries.” (I wouldn’t be surprised if it were more.)

After decades ministering in large churches on the West Coast and the Midwest, Mike felt called to establish a small nonprofit that would enable him to share what he had learned over years of ministry experience with other leaders throughout the world. In this capacity, Mike teaches for several different ministries. We are grateful that he has included Asian Access in his portfolio.

I took the liberty to ask Mike if there was anything about Asian Access that made the teaching experience distinct for him.

“I love all of the organizations I work with,” Mike told me. “But what I especially love about Asian Access are three things: The small size of the groups, the emphasis on interactive learning, and the priority of relationships.

“There are leader-development programs that are more of an information-delivery model—large groups of leaders working through a set curriculum. While that can be valuable in the proper context, my heartbeat is investing into the lives of leaders at a deep level. Asian Access gives me that opportunity.

“With Asian Access, I’m free to spend time getting a feel for the group: Who are they? What are their needs? How can I best serve them? And I have the flexibility to adjust what I originally came to teach to better meet their actual, felt needs. It’s my favorite way to teach.”

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Mike also enjoys the opportunity to stay in connection with Asian Access participants he has met through his teaching.

“I am a discipler at heart,” he told me. “I love to invest into the lives of people over a period of time. I keep in touch with many of the leaders whom I have met over the years in Asian Access classes. I keep up with how they are doing, how their families are doing, and how I can encourage and pray for them along the way. And for the last few years, I have been able to take a ‘discipling’ trip each where I can spend time with 10 – 15 Asian Access leaders with whom I have relationships. We catch up with one another, share victories and challenges, and pray for one another. It’s a real joy.”

Finally, I asked Mike what advice he would have for someone interested in teaching for Asian Access.

“First and foremost, you need to know why you are there: To serve the leaders in the class. It’s not about your ego, or expertise, or experience. It is how you can best serve, support, encourage, and empower those leaders through investing yourself in their lives and ministries.”

Well said. And thank you so much, Mike, for investing yourself into the lives of so many leaders who are making Kingdom impact in Asia—the few who are changing the many. 

Noel Becchetti

Noel BecchettiNoel Becchetti has been serving as Asian Access' VP for Leader Development since 2012. Noel and his wife Kyle are currently residing in El Cajon, California though he probably spends more time traveling throughout Asia.



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