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Asian Access Launches New “Pan Asia Leader Development” Program in April 2018

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Developing Emerging Kingdom Leaders for a Changing Landscape in Asia

Pan Asia (A2) — Asian Access is trying to innovate again. This new pilot program builds upon the A2 Leader Development model in that it creates a learning community of a just few key leaders. It provides a transformative, two-year process, just as our core program does. It's an R&D effort based upon our proven model, but with some significant differences.

So what's different?

  • A2 ALUMNI: For starters, all participants are graduates of Asian Access’ A2 Leader Development program within their given countries. So in many ways, this will be a deeper dive for these alumni.
  • MULTI-NATIONAL: Perhaps most distinctive, the participants do not all come from the same country. The ten participants actually come from five different countries (two from each). And the new program helps develop younger leaders in a context that will help them best serve their churches and countries.
  • NO CURRICULUM: Another key difference is that there is no set curriculum or topics to cover. Instead, each pair of leaders will host the other eight for a one-week session during the two years. So each of the five countries will host one session. The structure of each session will be determined solely by the two leaders hosting the others, with an expressed purpose of introducing their country to the others.
  • FOCUS ON STRENGTHS: Rather than developing in many leadership areas, each of the participants will hone in on developing their key strengths over the two years. Together, the cohort will leverage everyone's strength as they learn how to sharpen their leadership experience.

One of the program coordinators, Thilini De Visser explains:

thilini de visser 2018“Pan Asia is unique in that the cohort will be formed by participants from different countries, representing different countries and cultures. For an example, we will have two participants from Japan, two from Cambodia, two from Bangladesh, and four articipants from two other Asian countries, and we create one cohort. And so by the end of it, you have participants with really an expanded worldview, and expanded theological understanding of how God is working in the world. And that is very exciting.”

Takeshi Takazawa and Dorrie Takazawa join Thilini in providing overall leadership and coordination of the Pan Asia Leader Development program, which culminates with graduation slated for April 2020.

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