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Meet Prasanna Vuppula, A2/India Alumnus


Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with an Asian Access graduate who has seen God use his Asia Access experience to prepare him for his new ministry.

Prasanna Vuppula (who goes by Pras) is based in Hyderabad, Telangana, in south-central India. A long-time pastor, he realized several years ago that while on the outside his ministry looked good, inside, he was struggling spiritually.

“By 2011, I had to face the fact that I was struggling spiritually,” Pras told us. “Unfortunately, I did not feel free to share my struggles with the church community where I ministered. In India, the Church can often be a legalistic place where we are afraid to reveal our true selves.”

It was at this time that Christopher Uputuri, who helps to lead Asian Access/India, approached Pras with an invitation to join the upcoming South India cohort.

“Christy told me, ‘If you want to grow spiritually and grow as a leader, Asian Access is the place for you.’ How could I turn down such an invitation?”

takeshi-teaching-outsideA Truly Transformational Experience

Pras found the Asian Access learning-community experience truly transformational. “I still remember a teaching presented by [Asian Access faculty] Takeshi Takazawa,” Pras shared. “Takeshi outlined the progression laid out in John 15: 5 - 8—that first, we abide with God; then, we bear fruit. In the ministry, we so often get that backward—we concentrate on the fruit and ignore abiding in Christ. Takeshi showed us the integration of God’s approach:  abiding, fruit, pruning, rest. This truth hit me hard.”

Another powerful aspect of Pras’ Asian Access experience was the life-sharing opportunity offered to each participant.

“Sometime during the two years, each of us was given the opportunity to share the story of our lives with the rest of the group, holding nothing back. The chance to share feely, to be ourselves, and get the support, prayer, and caring of the rest the group, was life-changing. I began to see that a holistic leader is someone who can be true to God without having to pretend before God and try to be someone that they’re not. In a legalistic environment such as one can find in India, this is an amazing truth.”

Pras’ time in Asian Access confirmed his calling: “God has gifted and challenged me to empower local leaders from other churches—to come alongside and mentor other leaders. After I graduated from Asian Access in 2013, I was invited to take a mentoring role with a church-planting organization working with leaders in several Indian states.”

While this opportunity proved fruitful, within a few years the organization began to struggle with financial and other issues. “In December 2016, I was surprised by a call from my USA boss telling me about a mentoring opportunity with an organization called Leader Source. I was aware of Leader Source, but did not know about the opportunity.”

This call eventually led to a chance to interview with Leader Source. In May 2017, Pras began his new role with Leader Source, a world-renowned leader-development ministry.

“I can see the direct connection from my experience in Asian Access and the role God has placed me in with Leader Source,” Pras told us. “I am able to apply what I learned in A2—Living in a Love Relationship with God, Growing as a Christ-like Leader, Reproducing Disciple-Making Leaders, and Planting Multiplying Churches—directly into the lives of the leaders I am investing in. They are growing spiritually, and in ministry competence, by leaps and bounds.”

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Asian Access’ vision is to Identify, Develop and Release kingdom leaders for life-changing ministry, wherever the callings these leaders receive from God takes them. We are thrilled to see how Asian Access has equipped Pras Vuppula to empower so many wonderful leaders through his work with Leader Source.

“The way that Asian Access made the teaching so real and relational made a significant impact in my life. The transformation I experienced, and the long-term friends that I made in Asian Access, have given me the maturity and the tools to effectively build into the lives of the leaders God has entrusted to me in my role at Leader Source.”


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