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Background Information

johnston jeffrey 2020 7R301940 squareJeffrey S. Johnston grew up in Wisconsin, Ohio and North Carolina. He became a Christian through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating, Jeff spent a short-term ministry assignment in Japan with Asian Access. He met Nozomi at Columbia International University where he earned his Master of Divinity.

Nozomi Takeda Johnston was born in Sendai, Japan, and her family moved to Atlanta from Japan to start a Japanese church in 1977, which is still active today. Nozomi holds a B.A. in Christian Ed. and a Bible Teaching certificate from CIU, as well as a Masters in Education from Concordia University concentrating in elementary curriculum & instruction. She is currently teaching third grade.

Zack completed his degree in electrical engineering, is a software engineer and web app developer, and he is a performing member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, California.

Ellie is halfway through her college career where she is majoring in PR and minoring in Bible.

Ministry Assignment:

Jeff is serving as the Vice President for Advancement & Communications for all of Asian Access, and he lives in Los Angeles. His primary responsibilities are to communicate the vision and mission of the organization—telling the Asian Access story through video, the web, print materials, and personal contact. Jeff has been with Asian Access since 1987, including the time to complete seminary and a church internship. He is also serving as a member of the Asian Access Leadership Team, and the family recently returned from a 4-year ministry stint in Tokyo. Jeff also has contributed to establishing the A2 pastor training model in North India and Bangladesh.

Nozomi is investing her time teaching third grade and raising the kids and building a healthy and God-centered home. Whether in Tokyo or now Los Angeles, this is something lacking in both countries. In the past, she helped to write Bible class curriculum for the young kids at church. She has a ministry to moms and kids, teaching the Joy of Parenting book and marriage from a biblical perspective.

Words of wisdom...

If you are interested in pursuing a potential career in missions, here are our suggested action steps...

  • Pray. Ask God for direction. Get a copy of Operation World and begin praying for the world.
  • Get active in a local church. Join a church and develop relationships as you minister there. If you want to serve in Japan, you'll need church ministry experience here before you go. And it will be this sending church that affirms your call into missions and commissions you to serve.
  • Find a mentor. Seek an experienced person who has knowledge of missions to help you make some decisions. This should definitely include your missions pastor and/or missions committee. It may include a missionary.
  • Taste missions. Take a short-term missions trip -- anything from 1 week to 1 year. If you need ideas for where to find opportunities, check out these sites:
  • Get trained. If God is still moving you into long-term service, get a hold of a handbook called "Send Me!: Your Journey to the Nations" and find some training. Look into formal training opportunities.
  • Friend-Raise. Build a network of financial and prayer supporters. Keep them informed through regular newsletters. Be involved in the local church.
  • Go! Step out in faith!

When you're in Japan, be sure to...

  • bathe before you get into the bathtub;
  • push buttons on the toilet only when you're sitting, not standing!
  • never wear your bathroom slippers outside the bathroom;
  • never leave your chopsticks sticking directly in a bowl of rice.

Wonderful ministry memories...

I (Jeff) love to see people and teams I have helped to recruit and train, go to Japan and touch lives while there. Some have been used to bring people to Christ; others to plant new churches. All encourage the believers with whom they work. Invariably, these missionaries return home more mature than when they first went, whether it was for 3 years or 3 weeks. God does a work in them and through them. That is satisfying to me.

Looking to the future...

We hope that Japan experiences a revival, first in the church; then an awakening in the rest of its society. We'd like to see 5-10% of it's people come to Christ in the next decade or two. Further, I am trusting God that the Japanese church will play a significant role in reaching the rest of Asia for Christ.



The BrownsDan Brown: Learning About Strength

Does God teach missionaries? Definitely! Well, let's just say that the good ones come equipped with a humble learning posture. Take Dan Brown, for example.

In this clip, Asian Access/SIM missionary Dan Brown shares about what he is learning about doing ministry in his own strength versus doing it through God's strength. Serving with Asian Access as a Missional Partner with Oasis Life Chapel in Rifu, Japan, Dan talks openly about his weakness and struggles in ministry:

"So I've really come to learn that I'll do my part. I'll do the possible. I'll go to class. I'll study. I'll show up for ministry, for church each week, just to love and serve people to be a presence. But really it's going to be God who has to do the work."

Dan and his wife Casi arrived in Japan in the Fall of 2012 and are currently... 

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nozomi-project-logo  Nozomi Project started in 2012 as a response to Japan's terrible tsunami in 2011. And through this creative ministry, God is making something beautiful in brokenness. Sue Takamoto of Asian Access, through Be One Network, launched Nozomi Project (or "Hope" Project) to provide employment, dignity, biblical community and hope for women whose lives were broken by the disaster. Using broken shards of ceramic pottery, these workers create beautiful pieces of jewelry—not only as a way to make sustainable income, but more importantly to put their lives back together. The waves ruthlessly took away their loved ones, their homes and their hope; Nozomi Project is gracefully helping these women put the pieces back together... {addthis off}

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joe-handley-bwThe Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College is doing a series of one-on-one interviews with a global leader. On its website, they write:

God has raised up a host of creative, passionate individuals who are leading the Church in evangelism and missions. Here we invite you to get to know some of them.

And they have interviewed Joe Handley, president of Asian Access:

Joseph W. Handley, Jr. is president of Asian Access. Joe was born and raised in Southern California and attended Azusa Pacific University, where he earned a BA in psychology. He spent nine years working at APU, where he founded and directed the Office of World Missions and directed one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses, Conquest ‘96. During his time at APU, both Joe and his wife, Silk, were earned their MAs. In 1998, the Lord called them to Rolling Hills Covenant Church, where Joe served as global (and lead) outreach pastor. In June 2008, Joe...

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Rev. Hiroshi Kawasaki shares a story of his friend, Pastor Ichio Kishinami, who serves with Miyagi Mission Network among tsunami victims. He listens to victim's stories, gathers them together and teaches them how to pray to Jesus.

The seeds for church planting are phenomenal. Pastor Kishinami has now established...

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The Story is Not Over

This Easter weekend, we are waiting for Sunday. The cross has spoken; the lifeless body of Jesus lays in the tomb. To the disciples, it seems hopeless . . . but Sunday's coming. The story is not over.

In northeast Japan, the triple disaster of March 11, 2011 has spoken. At...

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Two Years Later...

It has been two years since the March 11th disaster in Japan. Reconstruction is progressing in Tohoku, but there is still much work to do.

Garrett Inouye, an A2 missionary, helped to put this video together to give an update about what is going on in Miyagi Prefecture. We trust this clip will compel you continue to pray for the...

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Chinzorig Jigjidsuren headshotChinzorig Jigjidsuren reflects on Mongolia and being a first generation believer in Mongolia...

In this Mission Network News interview, Pastor Chinzorig Jigjidsuren addresses these and other questions from Ruth Kramer:

  • What kind of growth--quantity or quality--have you seen in the church in the last 15 years or so?
  • In regard to Mongolia moving beyond
  • ...

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Hear about some distinctives of A2's ministry in India and Japan...

David Dayalan, A2/India national directorPastor David Dayalan, National Director of A2/India talks to Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News about our leader development model training. He does a great job highlighting how we do what we do.


Download the file here:

Size: 9.86 Mb
Read the MNN...

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Noel Becchetti set to become A2’s VP for Leader Development

For Immediate Release

Noel Becchetti - 2012 ARTESIA, CA (A2) Asian Access is pleased to announce the imminent appointment of Noel Becchetti as vice president for leader development. Through September 30, Becchetti is currently Executive Director for Truthseekers International, a ministry committed to...

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This article from eXcelerate Magazine is being reposted with permission from Missio Nexus.

New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

Congratulations to Asian Access and SIM,
recipients of the eXcelerate award for
partnership in mission.

New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

A2/SIM Strategic Partnership for Japan

Edited by Mary Kay Palguta, Missio Nexus

New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan has long been considered a...

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Asian Access Contributes to Uniting the Cambodian Church

Cambodian pastorsPhnom Penh, CAMBODIA (A2) — When Asian Access graduated its first class of participants in Cambodia, it was clear that the new graduates had bonded with one another over the two-year program. Despite denominational differences, graduates excitedly planned several joint activities across Cambodia in an effort to build unity.


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A2 missionary candidate Garrett Inouye shares about deeper issues in Japan. This is a compelling visual you've got to watch, and you can also read his thoughts below...

From Garrett Inouye:

My heart broke for Japan on a train in Tokyo. I was on an missions trip the summer of 2005,


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Ishinomaki is one of the hardest-hit areas in Japan's disaster zone. Within days of the tsunami, A2 missionary Eric Takamoto began making regular relief trips up from Sanda (near Kobe). Listen to him share about his first few trips there and why he and his wife Sue have just decided to move their...

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Pastor Akira Mori of Global Mission Chapel asks God for the hills near Usuiso Beach, devastated by the March 11, 2011 tsunami. Hear his heart, his vision and his prayers for this area.

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Reflections from Japan's DisasterOn the First Anniversary

We’ve compiled a series of reflections on Japan's triple disaster on March 11, 2011--the Earthquake, the Tsunami and the Nuclear Crisis in the Tohoku region--on the occasion of its one year anniversary.

Interactive Reflections:

This monumental disaster has deeply impacted the...

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As we remember this tragedy in Japan this weekend, this short but poignant trailer from Lucy Walker's documentary is worth watching...


Survivors in the areas hardest hit by Japan's recent tsunami find the courage to revive and rebuild as cherry blossom season begins.

A stunning visual poem about the ephemeral nature of life and the healing...

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Pastors to share about Japan and Asian Access

On Wednesday, December 14, two pastors in Southern California will be interviewed on The Frank Pastore radio show in Los Angeles  in order to highlight ongoing relief efforts in Japan. The Frank Pastore Show is aired live from 4:00-7:00 PM (PST) on KKLA 99.5FM, as well as live on the internet.

Pastor Cliff Asai of Westlight Church


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Asian Access and SIM USA partner to send more church-planting missionaries to Japan

Strategic partnership just part of larger, collaborative vision

Strategic partnership just part of larger, collaborative vision

TOKYO, JAPAN (A2) — A strategic partnership uniting Asian Access and SIM USA is aimed at sending more church-planting missionaries to Japan. By leveraging the strengths of the two...

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Asian Access and SIM USA announce a strategic partnership for Japan


Asian Access and SIM USA partner to send more church-planting missionaries to Japan

GLENDORA, CALIF. (A2) — A strategic partnership uniting Asian Access and SIM USA is aimed at sending more church-planting missionaries to Japan. By leveraging the strengths of the two mission-sending agencies, they hope to...

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Asian Access is set to make an exciting announcement on November 11, 2011. We are changing the way we do missions in order to accelerate our work toward the 2020 Vision in Japan.

So stay tuned . . .

Check back tomorrow to read all about this new development.


Big announcement on 11.11.11



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Why A2?

Why are we serving with Asian Access?

We are serving with Asian Access because it is a strategic organization dedicated to developing leaders who multiply churches across Asia. We gain a sense of fulfillment in contributing to the building of God's kingdom there.

Furthermore, the A2 community is a welcoming global family to which we belong. Our kids love being a part of the A2 family.

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