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Letter to a Faculty Member

November 7, 2006 | ASIA

[edited for security]

Dear J.,

I want to give you a little report on what happened to close the week's training following your superb teaching.

The pastors decided that they wanted to pray about these things that they had heard you teach on during the week. So, at 3:00PM we began to pray. This is how they organized it: Each participant listed four or five issues on a sheet of paper, and then over the next few hours each leader prayed in turn for every other participant in the group.

Fourteen leaders were praying for each other and then also being prayed for. When they go into this mode, mind you, they do not pray for just a minute or two, but in most cases it was 15-20 minutes for each person.  By 5:45PM they had prayed over four of the fourteen. After supper, we resumed prayer again at 7:30PM and they finished about 11:00PM that day. I don't think I have ever prayed so intensively in my life.

The exciting thing for me was that leader after leader had listed on his paper issues that had been raised by your teaching. Many of these issues concerned marriage, family health and unity ("oneness"). And the participant who was the coordinator for that week wrote five items on his sheet, every single one of them encapsulated your teaching, especially with regard to his relationship with his wife.

I can't help feeling that especially in his case your visit was most timely. That is such a good investment to make at this time in our work here. Without a doubt it was an especially rich time, and possibly a very critical one for us at this time in the work of equipping leaders. Time will help us see this better.

I want to thank you for coming to be with us at this very busy time in the life of your church. But I am also deeply grateful to your church family because this is a commitment the entire church is making to the worldwide kingdom advance in Asia.

Warm affection to all our friends there, and peace and grace to the entire church family.


"Asian Access Staff Member "


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