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Kaycee Gateley


Kaycee Gateley

Serving as
Missional Partner Associate

Bio: Kaycee Gateley

Background Information:

I was born and raised in Arkansas, USA, and became a believer at 15 years old. Many years were spent in my church’s worship band, and in women’s, student’s and children’s ministry. I spent weeks each summer for 5 years serving on Native American reservations in South Dakota, USA. I served in west Asia for two summers. I love learning languages, singing and playing guitar, and caring for others. I like to spend my time outdoors, enjoying a sweet snack, or showing my friends different personality tests to take and finding out more about them.

Ministry Assignment:

Missional Partner Associate since 2022

My present ministry assignment is church planting and multiplication, as well as various ministries within my church.

Advice to Potential Missionaries

Get connected with cross-cultural workers and do life with them. Visit them overseas, send them letters, schedule video calls and attend conferences or events which are
centered around cross-cultural Kingdom-work. Pray every day for His will to be done over your desires and hesitations. Seek faithful community and a strong mentor to guide you in the process, and partner with a sending organization and church.

Fun Cultural Story

I was babysitting a TCK in the desert of west Asia, and couldn’t remember the word for chicken to order lunch for the two of us. For several minutes, to the staff’s enjoyment, I mimed the dance and squawk of a chicken in the crowded lobby of a KFC. It was the best.

When in Japan, be sure to...

Learn honorific language and culture, as it can speak volumes when aiming to respect and honor the people of Japan.

Lessons Learned in Ministry

Not everyone serving on your team will be your best friend for life, but they are just as knitted into God’s magnificent story as you are.




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Why A2?

Why are you serving with Asian Access?

I chose to serve in Japan through SIM, who has a partnership with Asian Access. After much research and many video calls, I was shown some of the heart of Asian Access and the way they serve diligently and intentionally, with care for their workers and for the Japanese.

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