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gi profileThere are actually four classifications of alumni:

1. Leader Development Alumni

There is a growing number of leaders who have graduated from the A2 Leader Development program across Asia. For example, in Japan, where the program initially began, there are more than 500 graduates who have pastored 11% of the believers there. Check out testimonies from leader development alumni and current participants...

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A2 StaffAsian Access staff members are involved in a wide-range of front-line ministry activities, such as church multiplication, leadership training, and evangelism. We are pleased to have highly capable national staff members in Japan, as well as our volunteer national directors in the other countries. Our staff in Japan is supported by competent administrative people in our Los Angeles home office.

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primuth karin headshot 200pxAsian Access is privileged to have the guidance and direction of very capable boards of directors: 

• U.S. Board

• Japan Board

Beyond these boards, each country has its own leadership, usually in the form of working teams, boards and council of advisors...

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jethani skye 400x400pxAsian Access is honored to be endorsed by some amazing leaders who are respected across many sectors of society. Here are people who serve as references for Asian Access.

Mr. Skye Jethani
Author, Speaker, Consultant and Pastor. Former senior editor for Leadership Journal

"There are plenty of ministries to help Christian leaders develop their skills. What sets Asian Access apart is a focus on the transformation of a leader’s soul. A2 holds an integrated vision of ...

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A2 FacultyAsian Access faculty members serve as pastors, CEOs, professors, missionaries, ministry leaders and/or authors in their own ministries, but who also teach sessions with Asian Access participants. They are essentially volunteers from North America or Asia, who have expertise in a given area. For example, they might specialize in worship, personal and corporate transformation, teaching and preaching, small group ministry, prayer and listening to God, church multiplication, counseling, marriage and family issues, or vision and strategy. Out of their life and ministry experience, they offer...

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A2 ParticipantsFrom time to time, as is appropriate, we will highlight some of our participants and tell their stories. Due to security issues, we must be very careful about publishing exactly who the Asian Access participants are. Even so, we can describe typical participants in general terms.

Who Are These Participants?

Leaders with Potential . . . not Potential Leaders

Asian Access participants are screened and selected by a group of senior leaders and advisors. They are selected generally according to the following criteria...

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Joe HandleyThese are the members giving spiritual, directional and administrative leadership to Asian Access:

Leadership Team Members

Rev. Joe Handley, President
- Los Angeles, California

Elliott Snuggs, Exec. VP
- Los Angeles, California

Noel Becchetti, VP for...

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