These are the members giving spiritual, directional and administrative leadership to Asian Access:


  Leadership Team


Bio Page

Joe Handley  

Rev. Joe Handley
Los Angeles, California

becchetti noel headshot   Noel Becchetti
VP for Leader Development
El Cajon, California 
devisser adrian 2016 300x300px   Rev. Adrian De Visser
VP for Partnership Development
Colombo, Sri Lanka
meng aun hour 2016   Rev. Meng Aun Hour
VP for Program Development
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Jeff Johnston   Jeff Johnston
VP for Advancement & Communications
Los Angeles, California
larsen mark 100px   Mark Larsen, CPA
VP for Operations & Finance
Los Angeles, California
mallory jeff 2017 Jeff Mallory
VP for Development
San Clemente, California
snuggs elliott 2017   Elliott Snuggs
Executive Vice President
Los Angeles, California
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takazawa takeshi headshot 2016 300px   Takeshi Takazawa
VP for Innovative Initiatives
Tokyo, Japan
Mary Jo Wilson   Mary Jo Wilson
VP for Missional Engagement
Los Angeles, California


Country Leadership

Each of these countries has a National Director(s) and is developing a working team to coordinate the efforts of the A2 Leadership Development ministry in their locale.  For security reasons, not all countries are shown below.


These are our key leaders of Asian Access in Bangladesh...

mazumder peter headshotB 2016 400px  

Rev. Peter Mazumder
National Co-Director, A2•Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh

sarkar leor headshot 2016 400px   Rev. Leor Sarkar
National Co-Director, A2•Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Here is our national director of A2/Cambodia...

hour meng aun headshot 2016 400px  

Rev. Meng Aun Hour
National Director, A2•Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia




These are our key leaders of Asian Access in India, which currently has several regions across this large country.

david dayalan 2016  

Rev. David Dayalan
National Director, A2•India
A2 VP for Program Development

New Delhi, India

Also serves on A2 Vision Council

Jeyakaran Emmanuel  

Rev. Jeyakaran Emmanuel
Coordinator, A2•South India
Chennai, India

 rajender christy 2017   Rev. Christopher Rajender
Assistant National Director, A2•India
Hyderabad, India
Rev. Sam Thomas   Rev. Samuel Thomas
Coordinator, A2•North India
New Delhi, India
Unnamed Leader   Coordinator, A2•West India
Mumbai, India



In addition to those serving on the Japan Board, here is our national director of A2/Japan:

hari joshua 2017 headshot  

Rev. Joshua Hari
National Director, A2/Japan
Pastor, Tokorozawa, Japan



Here is our national director of A2/Korea...

rhee minho 2016   Mr. Minho Rhee
National Director, A2•Korea
Seoul, S. Korea


Here is our national director of A2/Mongolia...

Rev. Chinzorig Jigjidsuren  

Rev. Chinzorig Jigjidsuren
National Director, A2•Mongolia
Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia




Here is our national director of A2/Myanmar...

Unnamed Leader   Not Named for Security Reasons
National Director, A2•Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar


Here is our national director of A2/Philippines...

herman moldez headshot 2017 gb   Rev. Herman Moldez
National Director, A2•Philippines
Manila, Philippines


  Sri Lanka

Here is our national director of A2/Sri Lanka, who also serves as VP for Partnership...

devisser adrian 2016 300x300px   Rev. Adrian De Visser
National Director, A2•Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka