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Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.
— Proverbs 15:22

Asian Access is honored to be endorsed by some amazing leaders who are respected across many sectors of society. Here are people who serve as references for Asian Access.

People who serve as references for Asian Access

cedar paul 200x200pxDr. Paul Cedar
Chair and CEO, The Mission America Coalition

"I am delighted to share some sincere words of affirmation for Joe Handley and the ministries of Asian Access. The Lord is using Joe and the Asian Access team in remarkable ways. It is one of the most effective global ministries in today's world."

chao peter 150x150pxDr. Peter Chao
Founder, Eagles Communication

"Asian Access is on the forefront of outreach, incarnating God's Love among people devastated by natural disasters in Asia. They are appreciated for walking alongside national leaders, encouraging and equipping in culturally sensitive ways so the Church may serve dynamically and relevantly." 

chen eden 200x200Eden Chen
CEO, Pragma

"Asian Access provides a needed service for businessmen and women in various countries to build community through high quality education but most importantly by providing the context for accountability, encouragement, and growth." 

choung james 400pxJames Choung
Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

"It might be cliché to say that leaders aren’t born, but made, but it’s hard work to develop leaders over a lifetime. I’m thankful that Asian Access does the needed work to empower and equip Christian leaders throughout the world."

chun pamelaMrs. Pam Chun
Co-Founder & Vice President, Hawaiian Islands Ministries

"Praise God for the gifts he's given Asian Access through its fifty years of faithfulness: the gifts of relationships, respect, wisdom and understanding that cross bridges, opens doors and welcomes people into the family of God."  

elzinga kenneth 200x200pxDr. Kenneth G. Elzinga
Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics, University of Virgina


fee gordon 200x200pxDr. Gordon D. Fee
Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Regent College


felix juni 2 200x150pxMrs. Juni (June) Felix
Technologist/Announcer/Producer/International Radio Drama Script Writer

"Partnering with the team of Asian Access was an answer to prayer for me and my family. When I learned of the work they are doing to bring the Gospel to Japan, I was deeply moved. With Christ-centered leadership training programs, aid to disaster victims and discipleship training, Asian Access is being used of God to offer the Japanese the chance to hear the Gospel and find true hope after generations of spiritual darkness. When my mother passed away in the summer of 2015, she had one dying wish, “Take me home. Take me back to Tokyo.” I’ve often wondered if her mother who gave her up all those years ago had the chance to hear about Jesus how different things might have been for her. Less than 1% of my people in Japan have heard the Gospel and seen Christ’s love in action. When you support the work that God is doing through Asian Access, you are a part of His light to the nations. The impact is eternal and much appreciated."

Ajith Fernando thumbDr. Ajith Fernando
Former National Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka

"I often meet young pastors and Christian leaders who have been through the Asian Access nurturing programme in Sri Lanka. They always speak warmly of the things they learned and how it is impacting their ministries and lives now. So I thank God for this ministry."

fong ken 300x300pxDr. Kenneth Fong
Podcaster, Asian America Podcast
Former Senior Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

"I’ve not only helped send our people to Japan through Asian Access, but I went with them myself. They are definitely on the cutting edge of missions in a difficult place. Asian Access is doing great things for God in Asia."

Brent FultonDr. Brent Fulton
Founder & Catalyst, ChinaSource and Former President; Former Editor, ChinaSource Journal

"I heartily endorse Asian Access as you are filling a vital need in the church in Asia. The emerging urban church leadership is dynamic yet fragile. They have no older generation of pastors to look up to. Asian Access' proven mentoring approach builds communities of leaders, providing needed accountability and encouragement while developing personal character and ministry skills."

Patrick FungRev. Dr. Patrick Fung
General Director, OMF International

"Asian Access (A2) is committed to developing Christ-like leaders with an integrated approach with the goal of reproducing other leaders and multiplying churches. I pray that God will use Asian Access to change the few who change the many for His Kingdom as God gives the growth (1 Corinthians 3:7)."

DaveGibbons 200x200pxRev. Dave Gibbons
Lead Pastor, Newsong Church, Irvine
Founder, Xealots

"Asian Access is about coming alongside leaders who love to make a difference in their communities! Grateful for what Joe Handley and they are doing to jumpstart and sustain leaders in their competencies!"

gidoomal ram 2015 200pxMr. Ram Gidoomal
Former Chairman of the Board, Lausanne Movement

"There's a desperate need today for business leaders to become Christ-like transformational leaders. That's where A2's marketplace training fills a strategic niche. is building on a proven track record in empowering leaders for over 35 years. Now they are investing in business leaders who want to transform their communities and nations."

hansen walter g 200x200pxMr. G. Walter Hansen
President, Rivendell Stewards' Trust
Emeritus Pofessor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary


daryl heald 200Mr. Daryl Heald
Founder, Generosity Path

"I know that Asian Access has a proven track record. Through leadership training expansion, I know their impact will multiply. Pastors will not only experience a greater love relationship with God and growth as Christ-like leaders, but will also reproduce themselves and plant additional multiplying churches. I’m especially eager to see this work grow into the marketplace sector and their new project will help them move this forward."

william high 200x150pxMr. Bill High
Founder & Executive Chair, The Signatry

"I appreciate the work of Joe Handley and Asian Access. They throw their heart and passion into their work. Because of that, they've developed a strong reputation that is admirable in every way."

philhodgesMr. Phil Hodges
Co-founder & Chief Content Officer, Lead Like Jesus

Watch Phil's video endorsement

"It's been my delight to experience the Asian Access family several different times. And what continually impresses me about the whole operation are two things: 1.) There is a humility and a focus on purpose that transcends continents and transcends cultures. 2.) And it's to bring loving relationships and to foster them for leaders. I found those two things to be throughout the system from the beginning leaders to the national directors and down to leaders that I met in India. It's a godly work done with the mindset that we are imperfect people seeking a perfect relationship to do God's business together."

jacobsen wes 180x180pxDr. Wesley M. Jacobsen
Professor of Practice of Japanese Language, Harvard University

"I commend Asian Access for its success in bringing the Christian message of hope and joy to a new generation of people across the vast continent of Asia, adopting an approach to ministry that is humbly sensitive to cultural differences and attentive to the needs of the whole person—physical, emotional, and spiritual."

jethani skye headshotMr. Skye Jethani
Author, Speaker, Consultant and Pastor. Former senior editor for Leadership Journal

"There are plenty of ministries to help Christian leaders develop their skills. What sets Asian Access apart is a focus on the transformation of a leader’s soul. A2 holds an integrated vision of life and leadership that refuses to separate a person’s calling in the world from his or her communion with Christ. By targeting this deeper level of existence, Asian Access equips leaders with a new vision of faithfulness and not merely new tools of effectiveness."

Dr. Walter KaiserDr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
Former President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"I thank God for the fresh and innovative ways that Asian Access is advancing the cause of Christ in Asia. Lives are being changed for eternity. Praise God!

kang so young 400pxSo-Young Kang
Author, Crossing Intersections
Founder & CEO: Gnowbe and AwakenGroup

"Asia is rapidly increasing in her global leadership and influence and she needs authentic, Christ followers to lead. The work that Asian Access is doing to develop leaders in a holistic way is critical to transform the next generation." 

Dr. Peter KuzmicDr. Peter Kuzmic
Distinguished Professor of World Missions & European Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Founder & Director of the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia

"In leadership, I believe that charisma without character is chaos. That's why I appreciate Asian Access' commitment to character development. Their leadership model effectively balances the training of the heart as well as the hands and mind."

Hugh MaclellanMr. Hugh Maclellan
Board of Directors, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

"I have full confidence in Asian Access as their track record for developing leaders is strong and impressive. Their successful church multiplication model has impacted thousands of lives worldwide."

McConnellDoug 300x300 72dpi BWDr. C. Douglas McConnell
Provost Emeritus And Professor Of Leadership & Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

"One of the joys of aging is the opportunity to reflect on the work of God throughout the world. My first knowledge of the work of Asian Access came vicariously through a professor at Fuller talking about Scrum Dendo in Japan over thirty years ago. In the two decades that followed I had the chance to work with various people and ministries of Asian Access, building my confidence in the deep work that God was doing in and through the organization. For the past decade it has been a joy to closely watch the work flourish and develop. I respect the work of Asian Access and rejoice in this wonderful historical milestone. Congratulations on a job well done!!"

narramore kathy 100x100pxMrs. Kathy Narramore
Missionary Member Care Pastor, Narramore Christian Foundation


soong chan rah 300x300pxDr. Soong-Chan Rah
Robert Munger Professor of Evangelism at Fuller Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary


Ramesh RichardDr. Ramesh P. Richard
Professor, Global Theological Engagement, Dallas Theological Seminary
President, Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health [RREACH]

"Untrained and isolated pastors faithfully minister where Christ's Church is numerically growing. Church health, unfortunately, is not keeping up with church growth. I believe strengthening pastors stands at the epitome of missions strategy today. Asian Access strategically and effectively equips pastoral leaders in needy regions so churches can grow to be spiritually healthy. I am honored to serve on their reference council."

samson song graceGrace Samson-Song, CPCC, ACC
Author, Crossing Intersections
Executive Coach: Soul Successful Woman

"Although there’s a place for mass evangelism, training and developing leaders has proven to be the most effective long-term strategy for reaching the world with the gospel. I deeply appreciate the strategic nature of how A2 develops leaders. Going deep is aiming high, and tackling a small number of leaders at a time is so biblical—it reminds me of the powerful potential of a mustard seed." 

shigematsu ken headshotPastor Ken Shigematsu
Senior Pastor, Tenth Church, Vancouver
Bestselling author of Survival Guide for the Soul

"Asian Access understands leaders cannot be mass-produced. They are investing deeply in the lives of individual Christian leaders across Asia who in turn are reaching their nations for Christ. They are imitating Jesus’ ethos and strategy and the ripple effect is changing the spiritual climate on the continent." 

waybright greg 200x200Dr. Greg Waybright
Pastor-At-Large, Lake Avenue Church

"Asian Access is one of the most effective ministry organizations in facilitating genuine respect-filled partnerships across cultures to further our Father’s global mission. I have witnessed how A2 has drawn together the experience and formal training of Jesus-followers in one culture with the spiritual vitality and ministry innovation of those in another culture in which the church is experiencing rapid growth to do remarkable things to His glory.

I believe God has raised up A2 to play a rather unique role in God’s promise to establish a people made up of every people group, language and nation to “with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (cf., Rev. 7:9; Rom 15:6).

I recommend Asian Access as a gospel-centered, biblically directed, cost-effective global ministry partner."




See Joe Handley's tribute: Mourning the loss of mentor and friend, Jon Wallace

jwallace webDr. Jon Wallace
Former President, Azusa Pacific University

"Gail and I have been supporters of Asian Access for more than 20 years. We believe in their mission, their people and we have deep respect and admiration for Joe Handley and his visionary leadership."

See Noel Becchetti's tribute: A Tribute to Lon Allison

allison lonDr. Lon Allison
Former Pastor of Teaching & Outreach, Wheaton Bible Church

"I know the goals; I know the mission of Asian Access. I know what they're about. I support that with all my heart. But what I'm really excited about is the dedication and the point like focus on that it all emanates out of a love for God and a life with God.”


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