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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

samson song grace"Although there’s a place for mass evangelism, training and developing leaders has proven to be the most effective long-term strategy for reaching the world with the gospel. I deeply appreciate the strategic nature of how A2 develops leaders. Going deep is aiming high, and tackling a small number of leaders at a time is so biblical—it reminds me of the powerful potential of a mustard seed."

Grace Samson-Song, CPCC, ACC
Executive Coach, Trainier, Author: Crossing Intersections
San Jose, California

More Information

Grace Samson-Song is an executive coach, trainer, speaker, and author. Grace’s training and coaching is a healthy blend of personal development and professional excellence.

Her work has taken her to about 40 countries on 5 continents of the world. With a background in the media as a TV presenter and trainer, corporate events, and international travel, she brings a wealth of knowledge, diversity, and connectedness to her clients. She has personally coached top executives, as well as junior managers and staff. From the Receptionist to the CEO in the Boardroom, to an audience of over 5,000 people in a conference, she has the ability to connect on all levels with people and cultures. Her clients span across the media, retail and hospitality industries, as well as the religious sphere, government, and NGO sector.

With a fierce commitment to the facilitation of growth, Grace is uniquely gifted in identifying the dysfunctional patterns in individuals and teams, which holds them back from being brilliant. She is able to bring clarity in decision-making, as well as helping her clients move from feeling stuck to living purposefully and powerfully. She challenges her clients to recognize their own areas of growth while providing clever and memorable ways to take personal responsibility and ownership towards positive change. She firmly believes people skills directly affect productivity.

Grace is based in Silicon Valley and is married to David Song. They are parents to their son, Phoenix. She coaches virtually, and in-person.


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