The JCGI Network of Asian Access hosted its annual conference November 24-26, 2009 with Dr. Robert E. Logan returning to Japan to speak. Grace Community sent a delegation of pastors and lay leaders from Sapporo to hear Dr. Logan; here's a report from Asian Access staff member Tim Clark on how the church was blessed by the conference.

Since coming home from the Asian Access JCGI anniversary celebration it's been fun to see the conference's impact unfold at Grace Community, helping this church that already does so well at leader development do even more.

Dr. Bob Logan's teaching in the mid-nineties led to a transformation of Grace and currently all members are a part of an "Ie no Kyokai," house church. The church does an excellent job raising up and empowering lay leaders.  Asian Access is now involved in helping the church not simply increase its number of cell groups but to see more groups multiply themselves.

Since the conference Grace Community's Pastor Masuda has been talking about "passing the baton," encouraging the church to take leadership development to the next level.

One lay leader, Hiromi Kurisawa (photos below), reported the following about the conference,

"It was a great blessing to join the Asian Access conference.  Bob Logan's sessions on passing the baton and leadership change challenged and inspired me.

"Logan asked many good questions, like 'What kind of legacy will you leave?' and 'To whom are you passing the baton?' These questions helped me to realize how central baton passing is to fruitfulness and multiplication in ministry.  A key is to figure out not what I can do but what I can raise up others to do. What can I help and inspire others to accomplish?

"I was impressed that the time to think about passing the baton is not once I've gotten old; it is now.

"I appreciated the practical discussion times Logan led us in; I got many good ideas which I can apply to the coaching I do with youth leaders at Grace."

Grace Community Church 1


Hiromi Kurisawa with some of Grace Community's youth leaders.

Grace Community 2

The next two Sundays Hiromi and other leaders who attended the conference will share with church members what they learned.

Please pray:

  • ...the Lord will bless their reporting and use it to help Grace have an even stronger witness in Sapporo.
  • ...Asian Access can continue to be involved with Grace Community to bless Japanese society and lead many to Christ.

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Tim Clark's staff profile can be found here. You can also find his profile on Facebook.