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Announcement FROM JOE HANDLEY...

New Announcement from Joe Handley

For Excellence in Mission

We are pleased to share that Missio Nexus has bestowed the 2019 eXcelerate award to Joe Handley for excellence in mission. In particular, they affirmed Joe for his excellence and innovation in the area of communications in efforts at accelerating the Great Commission.

This is the attractive plaque they handed out.

joe handley eXcelerate award 2019 plaque 

Award Presentation

Watch the brief award presentation. Because Joe was in Tokyo, Asian Access Board Member Kärin Primuth accepted the award from Missio Nexus CEO Ted Esler on Joe's behalf.

Link to video: https://a2-media.s3.amazonaws.com/video/joe_handley_eXcelerate-award-2019.mp4 

eXcelerate 2019 ted esler karin primuth

Personally appreciating Joe for a moment

If you ask me, it is no surprise to me that Joe Handley would be recognized for this honor. Joe has expertise in utilizing a variety of social media channels to tell the story—whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. Joe is not only excellent at promoting Asian Access’ fruit (which is expected of a CEO), but he excels at platforming national leaders and their work, highlighting other organizations, circulating news articles and missions resources, and sharing his own personal and family updates. He’s a holistic communicator and balances all of these extremely well, utilizing many modes (e.g., words, voices, photos, video, graphics, news articles, etc.) to communicate. All this makes Joe’s style distinctive, providing a model for other executive leaders to watch and emulate.

In terms of telling the Asian Access story, Joe is always looking for stories of national leaders to promote. If you see his posts on social media, you know that he is ‘on site’ across Asia more than is even imaginable. He writes more articles for our blogs than all other writers combined. He is always interviewing participants and alumni of our movement with his phone to get their perspective, so we can promote these leaders online. And if he’s not interviewing them, he’s being interviewed by others, like Mission Network News and Moody Radio to share his sought-after perspective. He’s the “go-to guy” for many who want to report on what's happening.

And because he is so well-connected to others in the ministry world, his delivery channels are multiplied a hundred times over. Leaders “follow” Joe and share his posts. And in return, he shares theirs.

As one charged with advancement and communications at Asian Access, I couldn’t ask for a better president with whom to work. If I were inventing a CEO to serve as the lead fundraiser and spokesperson for a movement, Joe Handley's ingredients make a great recipe for success. He makes my job so much more effective and fulfilling. I appreciate Joe’s communications prowess, not to mention his empowering leadership, immensely.

Joe consistently platforms everyone else. I just thought it was time to shine some light on Joe. Congratulations to my friend!


Jeff Johnston


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