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key to leadership 500A recent study in America by George Barna concluded that only 7% of pastors in America had the gift of leadership. His conclusion, “Where have all the leaders gone?” In a recent article by Ed Stetzer called ‘My Love/Hate Relationship With Leadership’, he writes “The difficulty is that leadership has fallen on hard times in evangelical churches…. Everything was leadership in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, but now the pendulum has swung the other way”. I believe that we are now experiencing a call to a revival of leadership. And not before time. In addition, might I say that hopefully we will see a revival in the mentoring of leaders, because leaders grow leaders. Courses and resources on leadership can be helpful, but only if they are taught by leaders. For academics grow academics and administrators grow administrators. We need experienced leaders to respond to the call to train up a new generation of leaders. We reproduce after our own kind and can only take people as far as we have gone ourselves...

wilson maryjo headshot 2016 200pxLast year Asian Access made a pivotal and strategic shift. We changed the role of one of our vice presidents. Why? The world is changing rapidly. The Global Church has shifted from West to East and from North to South and we have entered a new era of missional engagement. It is no longer from the West to the rest as many have pointed out. Rather, our world is completely changed and we live in an age of “From Everywhere to Everywhere”. The era of colonialism is behind us or so it should be! Yes, there are still problems with the spirit of the colonization. But, it’s time for a new approach. Yes, many have pointed to the post-colonial reactions… But, it’s high time...

takeshi washing dishes 2016 04 28Several times while teaching for Asian Access, I am reminded of this quote by Brother Lawrence who reminds us of how we can always be in God’s presence, even in the most mundane tasks. As I head to India tomorrow, this rings true once again as the community there washes the dishes together after every meal. It’s their corporate way of reminding themselves that they are servant leaders as pastors, husbands, and fathers. This same practice happens across many of our countries... 

Jakarta sunset 500From Jakarta, Joe Handley puts a wrap on the A2 Global Leaders' Summit:

"Thank you everyone for praying for us this week we've been here in Jakarta, Indonesia for our Global Leaders Summit with Asian Access and it has been a fantastic week... C.B. Samuel from India has been investing deeply in our lives, helping us grow stronger in Christ, grow stronger in community, and helping us as we build capacity of those leaders that we work with, so that we can be about investing those things in others' lives across the Asia. Today folks are going home to twelve different countries, and I pray that...

Joe Yoshiya screencap 2016 04 22Joe Handley asked Yoshiya Hari, Assistant National Director of Asian Access Japan about his highlight from day 3 of the Global Leaders' Summit wrapping up in Jakarta. Yoshiya was honored to lead worship—the first time he's ever done so in English—today for the group of leaders from a dozen countries. Yoshiya appreciated CB Samuel helping us to dig deeply into these three daily emphases: 1.) Intimate love relationship with God; 2.) Living in community; and 3.) Accelerating kingdom leaders. He also mentioned other activities we all enjoyed, such as...

joe reflection day2 protected screenshot 2016 04 21Joe Handley sat with a long-time friend of Asian Access to ask what his highlight was from day 2 of the Global Leaders' Summit held in Jakarta. He was impressed with both the teaching on community earlier in the day and practicing it in the afternoon. Please be praying for this conference as it wraps up on April 22. We'll continue posting updates...

joe sterling screengrab 2016 04 20Joe Handley asks Sterling Miller, Asian Access Missional Partner in Japan for his highlight from day 1 of the Global Leaders' Summit, April 20 being held in Jakarta. Sterling also shares a unique way to pray for the Church in Asia. Please be praying for this conference. We'll be posting updates throughout the week...

joe and meng aun 2016 04 19Joe Handley pulls in Meng Aun Hour, national director of A2/Cambodia for a quick preview of the A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2016. Meng shares his anticipation and his prayer requests for the gathering. Please be praying for this conference. We'll be posting updates throughout the week...

Epicenter near Kumamoto, Japan (graphic courtesy BBC)Japan (MNN) — Over 500 aftershocks have followed two major earthquakes near the Japanese city Kumamoto since last Thursday.

“The continuous earthquake is making the situation worse and…rescue work has been delayed,” Asian Access’s Takeshi Takazawa says. “So it’s fighting with the time because [the] first earthquake has happened the fourteenth and it’s been more than three, four days has passed. So it’s getting difficult.”

Earthquakes Rock SW Japan: Asian Access Provides Relief

Epicenter near Kumamoto, Japan (graphic courtesy BBC)Japan was shaken once again with two devastating earthquakes in Kyushu, Japan: More than 250,000 people are homeless; At least 41 have died; And dozens more are feared trapped under the rubble; At least 2000 people were treated for injuries, 200 are in serious condition. It’s a race against time to try to rescue them says Prime Minister Abe. See the latest BBC report here...

people reach peopleMoving Evangelism From An Optional Extra To An Important Priority

There is much to suggest that the church in the west, at least, is living in a post Christian generation. Evangelism has fallen on hard times, and ironically it seems that seminars to help people learn how to share their faith are doing no better. And yet our denominations, although aware of their continued decrease in numbers, seem largely unmotivated to address the issue. If ever there was a time to get back to basics, then surely it is now and I would like to suggest that the following 10 keys will give you a platform on...

Hi I'm Takeshi Takazawa from Tokyo, Japan. I would like to say a big thank you for you—each of you—who have heart for Asia, praying for Asia, giving financially to Asia, and going to Asia. Thank you so much for getting involved in the ministry that God is doing right now in many countries of Asia. God is answering your prayer. God is working in and through you in Asia and this [video clip] is too short—I wish I could just come to you and say face-to-face...

This is an exciting year for Asian Access. There is a lot happening out there. I just spent the last few days with four key leaders from different countries like Japan, Mongolia, Cambodia and India. And listening to them would inspire you. I wish you could be here with me to hear their voices. It's exciting as we look to the future...


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