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Monday April 27, 2015

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Category: A2 Community Blog
Created on Saturday, 25 April 2015 10:30

nepal-survivor-uncoveredNepal 7.8 Earthquake: Death Toll Exceeds 3,800

Text message from a friend on the ground in Nepal:

"We are fine. We are in open ground now, and it's raining. Sadly, our home is totally destroyed; we are homeless now. Earthquakes are still coming and everywhere there are problems. Many dead bodies, it's not counted yet, so many people died."

Read more: Help pastors and churches reach out during Nepal's hour of greatest need

Category: A2 Community Blog
Created on Saturday, 11 April 2015 10:27

daryl-healdThe Maclellan Foundation has just extended a new matching challenge grant — $120,000 — to Asian Access for the largest country in East Asia. Your gifts will be doubled to train a generation of leaders!

“I know that Asian Access has a proven track record in this limited access country. Through this leadership training expansion project, I know their impact will multiply. Pastors will not only experience a greater love relationship with God and growth as Christ-like leaders, but will also reproduce themselves and plant additional multiplying churches. I’m especially eager to see this work grow into the marketplace sector and this project will help them move this forward. It's an easy decision for me to wholeheartedly endorse this project with no reservations.” — Daryl Heald...

Read more: New matching grant promises to accelerate work in East Asia

Category: A2 Community Blog
Created on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:26

13_drucker with elliott snuggsWeek 13 of 52. Welcome to Drucker Mondays, a 52-week journey through the new book, A Year with Peter Drucker: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness, by Joseph A. Maciariello. Each Monday, we'll feature a Drucker fan and his or her favorite snippet from the week's topic. (Subscribe on this page.) Elliott Snuggs is our guest writer today. The big idea from the book: In this four-week segment on “Management in a Pluralistic Society of Organizations,” we learn about Drucker’s emphasis on top management. Maciariello summarizes it this way, “Without effective top management [Elliott’s emphasis] you cannot sustain a spirit of performance, and entropic processes will set in at an organization and eventually destroy it.” Thus, the first job in any organization is to make top management effective...

Read more: The First Job In Any Organization Is To Make Top Management Effective

Category: From the President
Created on Monday, 30 March 2015 09:36

$496,591 met of $1m goalThe opportunity in Asia for the Gospel is huge! And there is just 1 more day to meet the next deadlineYour gift to Asian Access will help meet a $1 million challenge to accelerate the advance of the Gospel in Asia. A foundation that prefers to remain anonymous has offered Asian Access a giving challenge. Through 31-December 2015, Asian Access needs to raise $1,000,000. But we must reach $500,000 by midnight on 31-March, 2015...

Read more: Asians Giving to Asia: $4K still needed by 31-March

Category: A2 Community Blog
Created on Friday, 27 March 2015 08:00

Ron-and-his-paintings-a2And Still Making A Difference—With A Paintbrush

Ron McMahon is a world changer. A Southern California native and USC graduate, Ron launched his own architectural and planning firm, then moved into real estate development. His business achievements have spanned several decades and have covered the globe. But Ron has also been committed to his community...

Read more: An Amazing Legacy, A Devastating Setback...

Category: From the President
Created on Monday, 23 March 2015 12:57

mentoring"And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." - 2 Tim. 2:2

As I approach my 50th birthday this week, I am grateful for those who have invested in me. This week I'll be reaching out to 50 people who have made a significant impact on my life. These are, roughly speaking, the top 50 people who have taken the time to help shape me into the person and leader that I am today.

Read more: Turning 50: Life-on-Life Mentoring

Category: Mission Network News
Created on Thursday, 19 March 2015 09:00

The Japanese Church: change is the key

Written by Mission Network News

Photo courtesy By そらみみ (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (<a href=Japan (MNN) -- If you keep up with worldwide Church trends, check this out. In Japan, few people are stepping into Church leadership roles. Churches have begun considering other possibilities. Gary Bauman of Asian Access explains: "We need new leaders coming in from outside because there is very definitely a Christian subculture in Japan. In many...

Read more: The Japanese Church: change is the key

Category: From the President
Created on Monday, 16 March 2015 11:32

Lydia-Phil-Meng-Rady-a2Meng Aun Hour shares about Jesus on Mission. A few weeks ago, my colleague and friend Meng Aun Hour, A2/Cambodia National Director preached a great sermon at Life on the Hill in Rolling Hills Estates CA. It is a fabulous sermon dealing with Jesus take on mission and Meng did a terrific job of sharing the correlation to how this is similar to our mutual work with...

Read more: How does Jesus do mission?

Category: Mission Network News
Created on Friday, 13 March 2015 07:00

Healing continues for Japan

Written by Mission Network News

Healing continues for JapanJapan (MNN) -- It's been four years since the East Japan earthquake and tsunami shattered the country. 250,000 people are still displaced. Radiation contamination from the nuclear disaster means some of these survivors will never go home again. Takeshi Takazawa with Asian Access says the debris was cleaned up, but the spiritual and emotional...

Read more: Healing continues for Japan

Category: Mission Network News
Created on Thursday, 12 March 2015 08:00

Triple disaster in Japan remembered

Written by Mission Network News

Triple disaster in Japan rememberedJapan (MNN) -- Yesterday marked four years since Japan saw the worst triple disaster in the nation's peace-time history. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant meltdown killed nearly 16,000 people. The country remembered with a moment of silence, while Asia Access remembered the day with a time of prayer. Would you continue...

Read more: Triple disaster in Japan remembered

Category: Mission Network News
Created on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 13:00

Business leaders request training

Written by Mission Network News

Business leaders request trainingSouth Korea (MNN) -- Christian business leaders in South Korea are now pioneers in Christian leadership training. It's an initiative from Asian Access that started four years ago: a Christian business leader heard A2's vision for pastoral leadership training and suggested it was needed for Christian business people. A2 president Joe Handley says,...

Read more: Business leaders request training

Category: From the President
Created on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:00

tsunami-devastationFour years ago today, Silk and I were in Karuizawa, Japan with most of our Japan staff and Asian Access/Japan National Leadership. It is a day that I will never forget. That afternoon, while sitting in the Megumi Chalet chapel, the 9.1 earthquake hit. Being well acquainted with earthquakes growing up in Southern California, at first I wasn't concerned. But, as the earthquake kept going minute by minute and getting stronger by the moment, I began to worry. Soon, we evacuated the building and then learned about the terrible devastation that struck...

Read more: A Day I'll Never Forget!

Category: A2 Community Blog
Created on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 08:46

tsunami japan 2011 03 11Tomorrow we will commemorate the fourth anniversary of the triple disaster. It is a very somber time for the community and for the nation. Please pray with us. Pray that we can listen well; that we can walk with people well through this time. We will be praying for 24 hours through the fourth anniversary and your prayers are appreciated as well!

A friend shared this passage, which I have always loved:

2 Corinthians 1:8-11 New International Version (NIV) "We do not want you to be uninformed, ...

Read more: Call to Prayer at the 4th Anniversary


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    Adair Update Apr 11, 2015 | 12:23 pm

    This week hasn’t gone as expected. Even tonight, we had dinner plans that fell through because a friend isn’t feeling well. I made lunch on Thursday for a friend who told me at the last minute that she didn’t feel[…]

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    Adair Update Apr 9, 2015 | 13:14 pm

    When Robert was in CA, J and I went for a jog. We greeted a grandma in our neighborhood who was out working in her yard. After some small talk (mostly about my mom’s visit to Japan – I’ve never talked[…]

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    Adair Update Mar 29, 2015 | 00:48 am

    I wish I could say that I’m a consistent exerciser. So although this might look like “oh yeah I’m jogging and disciplined and fit and fabulous,” …(snicker snicker snicker)… I did go for a jog the other day. I got[…]

  • Stories from Ishinomaki:Lost and Found

    The Takameter Mar 17, 2015 | 14:25 pm

    Stories from Ishinomaki:Lost and Found One of the best storytellers I know, Becky Still, recently wrote a story about our work here in Ishinomaki.  T.J. Lee, one of her co-workers with connections in Japan, came and took photos, and became friends with our family in[…]

  • on communication

    Adair Update Mar 17, 2015 | 04:44 am

    I hope that someday I’ll be able to communicate in Japanese well – listening, speaking, nonverbals, etc.  That’s a real (and noble ) goal/hope/prayer.  Connected with that, though, is that I hope I’ll communicate things that are worth communicating. I remember[…]

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    The Takameter Mar 16, 2015 | 03:00 am

    Chocolate- Avocado Mousse My new favorite chocolate recipe - with no bad fats and fun secret ingredients.

  • Four Years Later…

    The Takameter Mar 11, 2015 | 15:02 pm

    Four Years Later… ***3/10.  She sat across from me at the table.  “Tomorrow I have to go with my family to the temple.  We still don’t have a gravesite for my mom and dad, so we just go to the temple instead.” C.’s[…]

  • We do not want you to be uniformed…

    The Takameter Mar 9, 2015 | 13:59 pm

    We do not want you to be uniformed… This past week has been so incredibly intense for our team!  Much has happened within our community.  I cannot write specifics because of the people involved, but we do cherish your prayers.  There has been a high schooler despairing of[…]

  • behind bars...

    The De La Courier Mar 8, 2015 | 17:06 pm

    Today we visited the Wells Fargo History Museum in Charlotte with friends from Japan. I took a photo of Stan behind the old bank teller's window.  Seeing Stan behind bars reminded me of photo we received the other day from[…]

  • Member Care Consultation and the Gospel in Hard Places

    The De La Courier Mar 6, 2015 | 23:24 pm

    Last month I flew to Turkey for an international consultation of Member Care professionals. We discussed issues related to people serving God in difficult places. Because many of these folks are in restricted access countries I won't be writing in[…]


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