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About Asian Access

Asian Access is an interdenominational evangelical organization that works throughout Asia to identify, develop and release leaders who serve as pastors of growing and reproducing churches. [more]

In essence, Asian Access develops leaders and multiplies churches.

Our History

The springboard for the vision of Asian Access is our pastoral training work in Japan (JCGI Network). Since 1980, we have trained nearly 400 pastors ... [more]

Our Motivation

Asian Access is motivated by a conviction that our investment in the development of top caliber leaders will be multiplied through the maturation of those leaders and growth in the churches they lead. Furthermore, the investment will be leveraged as their influence expands to provide inspiration and guidance for a greater number of leaders at the next tier.

Where are we now?

The prototype for Asian Access was developed in Mongolia where our first two-year cycle of training was successfully completed in October 2001 with the graduation of the first class. In addition to Japan and Mongolia, we are now fully operational in Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and four additional countries with select pastors/leaders and faculty.

Where are we going?

Asian Access is resolved to develop a dynamic, organic network of 2,000 leaders in twenty countries of Asia by 2020 A.D. – leaders who will unite the church, extend the Kingdom, and transform the cultures of Asia for the glory of God.

Asian Access: What's in a Name?
  • The passion of Asian Access is to enable highly qualified, leading pastors in Asia to have ACCESS to excellent resources and a life-changing process in leadership development and church multiplication…
  • Those leaders, in turn, making this training ACCESSIBLE to the leaders they are reproducing…
  • Together, they are part of a Kingdom movement of multiplying churches, led by leaders with character and giftedness…
  • So that ultimately every man, woman, and child in Asia has ACCESS to a witnessing, worshipping community of followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Asian Access also seeks to provide ACCESS to opportunities for North American churches, organizations and believers to impact Asia for Christ.

In this section: ABOUT ASIAN ACCESS...

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